Week 1: Steelers @ Redskins – Setting The Tone For The Season


Game 1 of our Skins season will make a statement, whether we like the results or not. A victory will give us something to build on, so that’s what we have to take for granted.

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Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry – The History As I Saw It

domination 2

This 69 year young Washington Redskins fan became a fan in 1969 when famous Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi came out of retirement to be the new head-coach of the Washington Redskins. I had liked the Packers and their Green Bay sweep fascinated me and the famous ICE BOWL (Championship game between Dallas at Green Bay on the coldest day ever, frozen field) was my favorite game at the time.

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Alfred Morris, the “A Train”


When you were just a little tyke your parents tried to teach you common sense the best way they could. Among the many things they tried to get across was to be careful around trains. Trains don’t stop to let you go by; they run over anything that gets in their way.

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I Feel The Spirit of Lombardi’s Ghost Around Us

“What the HELL is going on out there? Sam! Get those linebackers in shape!”

“My grandmother is in better physical condition! Let’s go now, hubba hubba!”

“We will win here in Washington, and do it now.”

“We will not lose games because we are fatigued.”

“Belly Burners, hit it!!! …Monkey roll, that’s it!
Sonny, great throw, that’s what we need!”
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Washington Redskins Ring of Fame: George Allen, 1970-1977

Pic courtesy of vshfm.com

Between the years 1945 and 1970, twenty-five years, the Washington Redskins did not have any postseason appearances, also had many losing seasons. Then along came Vince Lombardi who made some positive changes, but passed away. George Allen was named the new headcoach of the Washington Redskins. Respected by his peers and all NFL, AFL as a defensive genius, George Allen instantly made the Redskins a winning team. He had no losing seasons under his coaching days. Continue reading