Tailgate Postgame Wrap-up: Redskins vs Dolphins, Week 10

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The Washington Redskins suffered their 5th straight loss when defeated today by the Miami Dolphins 20 to 9. Getting field-goals instead of touchdowns and two interceptions didn’t help. A stingy Miami Defense and a good game by Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall sealed the deal on the defeat. Continue reading

Redskins vs Eagles Week 6 Preview: Eagles Update

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Perhaps a better title for this article would be: Philadelphia Eagles, “Coming to Grips with a Losing Season.”, except that the Eagles don’t seem to get it yet. In fact, the Eagles are favored to win this week against the Washington Redskins. Continue reading

Redskins vs Cowboys Week 3 Pre-game Factors

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Big NFC East Division rivals Dallas Cowboys host the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football, and most of the games between these two are decided by less than 7 points, and often down to the last play or the last minute of the game. Continue reading

Pre-season Game 3: Redskins vs Ravens, Pre-game Factors

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Thursday evening August 25th, its Redskins vs Ravens. It should be a good game, especially the 1st half of this 3rd exhibition game. Continue reading

Preseason Game 2: Redskins vs Colts, Pre-game Factors

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The Washington Redskins play the Indianapolis Colts in Game Two of the Pre-season in their house. It’s definitely a hostile environment for the visiting Redskins and as you might imagine, the “Shannihan Clan” is not favored to win the game. Continue reading