Week 2: Washington Redskins vs St. Louis Rams


Week two has our Washington Redskins facing another hard-hitting, good defense.  The St. Louis Rams are coming off an overtime victory over Seattle Seahawks.  The Redskins are coming off a loss, but we found out our Oline is improved, and we have a strong running-game.

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Winning Off the Field Has To Happen First


If NFL football was easy, anyone could be a champion.

However, winning at the professional level is a full time job, regardless of the offseason –

…and more of the game is played off the field than on.


So, the game has evolved over the years into a process by which the coaches and staff are as hard-pressed as the players.
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Redskins Postgame Wrap-up: Redskins vs Bills, Week 8

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The Washington Redskins lost 23 to 0 to the Buffalo Bills Sunday, and the Redskins have very few positives to fall back on after this game. Continue reading

Redskins Tailgate Wishes Happy Birthday To Stephette Hogette !!!

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Hi guys… Look, I got a site email that Mike Wolfskin had posted a happy birthday poem for his ZE Redskins buddy in the Redskins poetry section; I took the liberty of moving it to the homepage & dressing it up a bit as a birthday greeting from all of us. Continue reading

Redskins vs Eagles Week 6 Preview: Eagles Update

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Perhaps a better title for this article would be: Philadelphia Eagles, “Coming to Grips with a Losing Season.”, except that the Eagles don’t seem to get it yet. In fact, the Eagles are favored to win this week against the Washington Redskins. Continue reading