Washington Redskins Players Suspended by NFL

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Yep, it’s that old demon again, drugs. In this case though it’s not banned supplements or steroids, it’s the dumbest drug of all, “weed”. Continue reading

The Washington Redskins Have a New Starting Quarterback

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Washington Redskins fans … the preseason quarterback battle that kept you on the edge of your seat has officially been resolved. Multiple reports indicate that head coach Mike Shanahan decided that the ‘Battle Royale’ between Rex Grossman and John Beck went in Grossman’s favor, and he will be the Week 1 starter. Continue reading

A Look Inside Mike Shanahan, Our Washington Redskins Coach

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You can say many things about our beloved coach, but just who is the real Mike Shanahan? He’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery and is a tough nut to crack. His dedication to the team speaks volumes, but his words are at times an interesting look inside the man. Continue reading