Week 16: Redskins Win More Than A Game in Philadelphia


The Washington Redskins obviously weren’t paying attention in preseason.

  • They forgot the “football experts” picked them to end up dead last in the NFL.
  • They forgot the “football experts” picked them to end up dead last in the NFC East Division.
  • Dan Snyder forgot he was supposed to keep Jerry Jones’ trophies and Roger Goodell’s Mercedes polished.
  • Jay Gruden forgot he was supposed to cut Chip Kelly’s yard and take out Tom Coughlin’s garbage.
  • And last but not least Kirk Cousins forgot he wasn’t supposed to be “starting quarterback” material.
    Instead they stomped a 30 burger mudhole in the Philadelphia Eagles, shocked everyone except the Redskins players, coaches & fans and committed “Grand Theft Division™” in front of a TV audience numbering in the tens of millions.

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    Week 16: Redskins @ Eagles – Time to “Sweep” The Trash

    “The first time’s the charm, the second time it’s payback”

    Our Washington Redskins will clinch the NFC East Division with a win at Philadelphia vs the Eagles. Although the Eagles are a game behind and lost to the Arizona Cardinals & the Redskins had a big win over the Buffalo Bills, this is a division game.  The Philadelphia Eagles will hit us with everything they have and they know they must win or else our Redskins will be the NFC East champs.

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    Week 4: Eagles @ Redskins


     In game three we saw some great plays by some of our outstanding players; we saw some mistakes, and we can see now some things our team needs to work on to get better.  

    Game 4 is all about opportunities. It’s head coach Jay Gruden’s opportunity to make up for a poor performance last year, and prove to the Redskins faithful he’s got the right stuff. It’s Kirk Cousins’ chance to make amends for last week’s loss and dozen’s of players chances to prove why they deserve a starting job with the legendary Washington Redskins.

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    Redskins Wrap-up: Redskins vs Rams, Week 4

    Pic courtesy of wjla.com

    The Washington Redskins improved to 3 and 1 by defeating the St. Louis Rams 17 to 10. Ryan Torain ran for 135 yards and a 20-yard touchdown as the Redskins jumped on the Rams early, then had to get a great effort from the defense to hold off a late rally by the proud and frustrated Rams. Continue reading

    Redskins vs Rams Week 4 Pre-game Factors

    Pic courtesy of tbd.com

    Although the Rams are win-less, they were in two of the games solidly that they lost. Their premier running-back Steven Jackson has been injured and will be back against the Redskins in the next game. Also the Rams signed Rod Hood, a great defensive back. Following the 2006 season, Hood left the Eagles in free agency and signed a five-year $15 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals where he was the starting cornerback in 2007 and 2008. Continue reading