Redskins Pluck The Eagles – 23 to 20


Getting “Down and Dirty“:

When Kirk Cousins lead our Redskins to a “come from behind” victory over the favored Philadelphia Eagles, he had to throw for almost 300 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions. He also rushed for a one yard unplanned touchdown.   The muddy ball squirted out like a greased tree frog but Kirk alertly recovered it, then drove his body hard into the line and crossed the goal line for the touchdown. 

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Ryan Kerrigan: Leadership at the Linebacker Position


When adversity strikes a child, often it provides a glimpse of the metal the man will be made of. At age 8 Ryan Kerrigan suffered an ear infection that left him half deaf, but he has overcome that challenge. Over the years Ryan learned to fine-tune his other senses to compensate for the loss.

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Attention NFC: Redskins “Ain’t no Walk-Thru Game No More”

Teams playing the Redskins will discover that there “ain’t no walk-thru no more“. Opposing offensive players will have to enter at their own risk. The “Enforcers” will hit you and you will feel it and remember it.

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I Feel The Spirit of Lombardi’s Ghost Around Us

“What the HELL is going on out there? Sam! Get those linebackers in shape!”

“My grandmother is in better physical condition! Let’s go now, hubba hubba!”

“We will win here in Washington, and do it now.”

“We will not lose games because we are fatigued.”

“Belly Burners, hit it!!! …Monkey roll, that’s it!
Sonny, great throw, that’s what we need!”
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Tailgate Postgame Wrap-up: Redskins vs Dolphins, Week 10

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The Washington Redskins suffered their 5th straight loss when defeated today by the Miami Dolphins 20 to 9. Getting field-goals instead of touchdowns and two interceptions didn’t help. A stingy Miami Defense and a good game by Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall sealed the deal on the defeat. Continue reading