The 2015 Washington Redskins Are Almost Ready For Action


On Saturday, September 5th the other shoe will drop. When the hatchet stops swinging at 4:00 p.m. ET, a maximum of 53 players will remain on the roster. All other decisions to place on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform, Reserve/Non- Football Injury or Illness, request waivers, terminate contract, trade contract, or continue to count the player on the active list will be completed as well.

We will finally know the identity of our team…

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Starting Quarterback: Redskins Weren’t Confused, The Media Was


Leave it to Mike Florio to start some sh_t, then ride it like a pony for days:

“If the goal for the Washington football organization is to confuse anyone and everyone possible, mission accomplished.”

Earth to Mike Florio: If it’s anyones goal to confuse the fans, it must be Pro Football Talk and Fox news.

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Who The Heck Is In Charge of Redskins Play Calling?


Not trying to make excuses for any Redskins quarterback or O-line, receivers, or coaches, but Jay Gruden’s first year I noticed too much time wasted before the QB was given the play, thus giving our QB only 2 or 3 seconds left to scan the defense and get the ball snapped.  This seemed due to 2 or 3 coaches calling the plays or coordinating the next play.

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I Feel The Spirit of Lombardi’s Ghost Around Us

“What the HELL is going on out there? Sam! Get those linebackers in shape!”

“My grandmother is in better physical condition! Let’s go now, hubba hubba!”

“We will win here in Washington, and do it now.”

“We will not lose games because we are fatigued.”

“Belly Burners, hit it!!! …Monkey roll, that’s it!
Sonny, great throw, that’s what we need!”
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There’s No Reason Not To Expect The Playoffs


The bottom line: Jay Gruden has named Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback for this 2015 season. It’s Griffin’s job to keep, or lose as the case may be – but short of injury expect him to keep it.

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