For Those Who Wish To Attend, Chief Zee Arrangements


Although most of the Redskins faithful would love to pay their last respects at the funeral for Zema Williams many are too far away, have to work or otherwise can’t make it. For those who can we have his arrangements below.

Come to think of it, we invite anyone fortunate enough to attend Chief Zee’s funeral to call in to RevT’s next show Tuesday night and share any final thoughts you have with the Redskins nation.

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Redskins Tailgate Says: Thank You Redskins

skins wants to thank you all for a job well done and appreciate your hard work and dedication.  You made us Redskins fans proud by surprising the NFL by winning the NFC East Division when most “experts” had you coming in last,  We knew you had the team to do it, you knew it as well.

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The Redskins Flat Out Lost The Sack Race With The Buffalo Bills

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Well, it’s official now, because the NFL “said so”… What’s that? The Pic? Well, you know how it is with me and my pictures, they have to be interesting. I couldn’t find one of John Beck in a sack race with a Buffalo Bill, so I had to settle for the Chinese guy in a sack race with the Vietnamese guy on the Yak, LOL… Well, a Yak is ‘kinda like a buffalo, right? Continue reading

Redskins vs Eagles Week 6 Preview: Eagles Update

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Perhaps a better title for this article would be: Philadelphia Eagles, “Coming to Grips with a Losing Season.”, except that the Eagles don’t seem to get it yet. In fact, the Eagles are favored to win this week against the Washington Redskins. Continue reading

Capital Punishment, Washington Redskins Style

Like the title and the Redskins video both indicate, the Washington Redskins have their own style of capitol punishment, and they deliver it on the field. There’s no judge, just an 11 man jury who dispense all judgments with extreme prejudice: the Redskins defense. Continue reading