2016 Washington Redskins ~ The Domination Organization


Yes, I know its early – not even the final 53 cut, not even August and I should wait to say all this but I’m “feeling the spirit, have to preach, gimme that soapbox”. I am loosing my tie, throwing off my coat! Get me a witness! Tired of reading NFL articles about how great the Dallas Cowboys are because Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are healthy and them picking their pets, Cowboys and/or Giants to win the NFC East and criticize our Redskins if our team is even mentioned.

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Preseason Game 2: Redskins vs Colts, Pre-game Factors

Pic courtesy of redskins.com

The Washington Redskins play the Indianapolis Colts in Game Two of the Pre-season in their house. It’s definitely a hostile environment for the visiting Redskins and as you might imagine, the “Shannihan Clan” is not favored to win the game. Continue reading