Starting Quarterback: Redskins Weren’t Confused, The Media Was


Leave it to Mike Florio to start some sh_t, then ride it like a pony for days:

“If the goal for the Washington football organization is to confuse anyone and everyone possible, mission accomplished.”

Earth to Mike Florio: If it’s anyones goal to confuse the fans, it must be Pro Football Talk and Fox news.

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There’s No Reason Not To Expect The Playoffs


The bottom line: Jay Gruden has named Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback for this 2015 season. It’s Griffin’s job to keep, or lose as the case may be – but short of injury expect him to keep it.

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Redskins Defensive Line Shines In Win Over Buffalo Bills

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One things for sure, it feels good to have a healthy defense again to start out the 2012 season. Sure the Skins fans and the rest of the nation was waiting to see how well RGIII handled pro pressure, but without the Redskins defense standing firm the game would have been lost. Continue reading

Washington Redskins Offensive Roster News & Quarterback Update

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It’s official now, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has informed his team and the media that John Beck will start at quarterback Sunday when Washington visits Carolina. Continue reading

Redskins Wrap-up: Redskins vs Eagles, Week 6

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The Philadelphia Eagles came into Fed Ex stadium and defeated our Washington Redskins 20 to 13. I give credit where credit is due and the Eagles played a great game and were well coached and had a good game-plan. The reasons why the Redskins lost are the following: Continue reading