Week 3: Washington Redskins at NY Giants


psssttt… (I gotta hot tip for youse guys)

The Washington Redskins are going to beat the NY Giants football team, and we’re going to do it Thursday nght…

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Hog Alert: Brandon Scherff, New Sheriff in Town


The words we’ve been waiting to hear:

“The Washington Redskins are on the clock. With the 5th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select Brandon Scherff”

With that pick, Bill Callahan will have another good prospect for our Oline to pass-protect our quarterback and run-block for our running backs. Our Oline needed help, mainly at right guard and I believe Brandon Scherff will be our starting right guard when the season opens. Hopefully we will get two more good Oline guys in this draft.

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There’s No Reason Not To Expect The Playoffs


The bottom line: Jay Gruden has named Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback for this 2015 season. It’s Griffin’s job to keep, or lose as the case may be – but short of injury expect him to keep it.

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Redskins Wrap-up: Redskins vs Cardinals, Week 2

Pic courtesy of washtimes.com

The Washington Redskins needed two late-game scoring drives and a turnover to win a game that they dominated statistically. The Redskins had 455 yards to the Cardinals 324 and 28 first-downs to the Cardinals 16. Continue reading

Pre-season Game 3: Redskins vs Ravens, Pre-game Factors

Pic courtesy of farm5.static.flickr.com

Thursday evening August 25th, its Redskins vs Ravens. It should be a good game, especially the 1st half of this 3rd exhibition game. Continue reading