Week 10: Redskins Dominate Saints 47 to 14

Sunday our Washington Redskins showed us that Jay Gruden’s offense is explosive when the players know the system and play at the level expected of  NFL players.  I knew the hiring of Jay Gruden would bring Washington the same explosive offense he had with the Cincinnati Bengals – which helped them to 3 straight playoff appearances when he was the OC.

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Message To The Redskins Nation: At 3 and 5 We’re Still Alive!

As all-weather Washington Redskins faithful “Rev T” said on his famous radio show just this week:

“We 3 and 5, we still alive!”

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Redskins Defense 2015: Capital Punishment


Where do Redskins get Eagle feathers? From the Eagles of course, they pull their tail-feathers out…

Cowboys “Remember the Alamo”, but Redskins remember “Custer’s last stand”…

The Giants? Well, remember the story about “Tonto and the Beanstalk”?

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