Who The Heck Is In Charge of Redskins Play Calling?


Not trying to make excuses for any Redskins quarterback or O-line, receivers, or coaches, but Jay Gruden’s first year I noticed too much time wasted before the QB was given the play, thus giving our QB only 2 or 3 seconds left to scan the defense and get the ball snapped.  This seemed due to 2 or 3 coaches calling the plays or coordinating the next play.

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Redskins vs Panthers Week 7 Pre-game Factors

Pic courtesy of msn.com

It’s Week 7 and the Washington Redskins have 3 wins and 2 loses and had a bye-week. At this early point in the season we are just barely behind the New York Giants who are in 1st place in the NFC East Division. If the Redskins get another win and are 4 and 2 then the Giants get a bye, we are tied or in 1st place again. Continue reading