Trent Murphy, An Investment Who’s Time Has Come

Being relentless is a good quality to have when you’re a big man on the shy side of 6-6, and filled out to a compact but respectable 250 pounds. 4.72 in the 40 isn’t exactly a blazing speed for a linebacker, but it’s sufficient if you don’t miss very many tackles. Trent is coming off a late season injury in 2014 and has some lost time to make up for.

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A Female Referee? Well, it’s about !*($#% TIME !!!


From Sarah Thomas, a Mississippi native:

“I do honor the fact that many people consider me a trailblazer, but I’ve been doing this because I love it. When you’re out there officiating, the guys don’t think of me as a female. They want me to be just like them – just be an official.”

However this is the part that got my attention the most:

“But my goal has always been to be the best line judge I could be.”

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The Redskins Chances Look Good In The Upcoming 2012 Draft

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In all honesty I didn’t feel that way a couple of weeks ago we were bushwhacked by that beady-eyed bandit of a Commish, but so far he hasn’t had the cajone’s to go after our first round draft pick. Continue reading

Redskins vs Dolphins, Week 10 Pre-game Factors

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The Washington Redskins desperately need a victory Sunday when the play the Miami Dolphins. Although the Dolphins have a losing record, they whipped Kansas City Chiefs big-time last week for their first victory. Continue reading

It’s Time For The Redskins Fans to start supporting Kyle Shanahan

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This writer does not have a problem with Coach Mike Shanahan having his son Kyle Shanahan as the offensive coordinator, because Kyle earned his stripes and has experience and success in the NFL previously with the Houston Texans. I think everyone will agree when healthy the Houston Texans have an explosive offense. Continue reading