Redskins Scalp Unsuspecting Giants 20 to 14


On a trivia note, how many of you guys remember this headline from last week?

Giants can take an overwhelming lead in the NFC East on Sunday

Well, we now know how that ended: The only thing “overwhelming yesterday” at FedEx Field was the Washington Redskins offense and defense.

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Week 12: Showdown At High Noon – Giants @ Redskins


Event: XXXThe Washington Redskins vs The NY Giants
On The Line: X Being tied for first place in the NFC East, what else?
Place: XXXFedEx Field – Landover, Maryland
Date: XXX Sunday, November 29
Time: XXX12:00 PM
Venue: XXFox Sports TV

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Patriots Defeat Redskins 27 to 10


Yesterday (as you already know) the New England Patriots beat the Washington Redskins 27 to 10. On the other hand an asteroid didn’t wipe out the New England coast, California didn’t slide into the ocean, Yellowstone Park didn’t disappear under megatons of volcanic pyroclastic debris, and Europe wasn’t invaded by masses of un-dead zombies.


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“Secret Source” Says Chris Cooley Will Return To Redskins Roster

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I’ll be damned if I know why the NFL thinks things have to be so secretive, but we should be used to it by now. An NFL spokesman would rather climb a hundred foot pine tree with a bag on his head and shout down a rumor than stand on the ground and give you a straight answer, LOL… Continue reading

Tailgate Pre-game: Redskins vs Cowboys, Week 11

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The Washington Redskins will be home against their arch-rivals Dallas Cowboys Sunday 11/20/11. You can toss out statistics, throw away each teams records. When the Redskins and Cowboys battle, its a war. This rivalry goes way back to the George Allen and Tom Landry coaching days. Continue reading