Wild Card Playoff: Packers at Redskins


It was the calm before the storm; our Redskins were 2-4 and heading into Game Seven with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when Coach Jay Gruden called a “Code Red”.

The media had been posting mostly negative articles about our team and ridiculed Gruden’s “Code Red” remark. Little did they know that this team was about to overcome their new team problems as they regained previously injured starters. Together, players and coaches, through rigorous long hours of hard work and film study progressed because they held themselves accountable. Players learned from their mistakes, missed assignments, blown tackles and blocks, penalties, all became valuable learning experiences. Kirk Cousins became obsessed with film study and got better. Veteran leaders behind the scenes became mentors, stressing the pride that comes with winning and letting the younger players know that they didn’t intend to play for a losing team.

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The Redskins Oline Should Dominate The Division Once Again


One of the major problems our team had last season and previous seasons is our Oline had injuries, there was not enough depth. and we probably needed better players in some positions of the Oline.   In my view the only one that impressed me last season consistently was Trent Williams, our Pro Bowl Left Tackle. I believe nearly everyone would agree that our Oline needs to be addressed.

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Give Bill Callahan A Few Upgrades And Watch Out


Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan will be in charge of the Redskins running game this season. He comes to us from the Dallas Cowboys, who had the best running game in the league last season. What I like is the fact that Bill Callahan has headcoaching experience so he sees the big picture.

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Is It Too Much To Ask For Players To Earn Their Pay?


Try these two concepts on for size:

Rookies: “Come in and if you prove yourself, I’ll take care of you.”

Veterans: “So you want more money? EARN IT.”

It’s called the merit system, and it works.

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