Starting Quarterback: Redskins Weren’t Confused, The Media Was


Leave it to Mike Florio to start some sh_t, then ride it like a pony for days:

“If the goal for the Washington football organization is to confuse anyone and everyone possible, mission accomplished.”

Earth to Mike Florio: If it’s anyones goal to confuse the fans, it must be Pro Football Talk and Fox news.

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Washington Redskins Players Suspended by NFL

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Yep, it’s that old demon again, drugs. In this case though it’s not banned supplements or steroids, it’s the dumbest drug of all, “weed”. Continue reading

Redskins vs Panthers Week 7 Pre-game Factors

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It’s Week 7 and the Washington Redskins have 3 wins and 2 loses and had a bye-week. At this early point in the season we are just barely behind the New York Giants who are in 1st place in the NFC East Division. If the Redskins get another win and are 4 and 2 then the Giants get a bye, we are tied or in 1st place again. Continue reading

Redskins vs Eagles Week 6 Preview: Eagles Update

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Perhaps a better title for this article would be: Philadelphia Eagles, “Coming to Grips with a Losing Season.”, except that the Eagles don’t seem to get it yet. In fact, the Eagles are favored to win this week against the Washington Redskins. Continue reading

Willie Smith Makes the Washington Redskins Team

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Meet Willie Smith from East Carolina, the only undrafted player to make the team. Add East Carolina offensive tackle Willie Smith to the list of Redskins undrafted free agent unofficial signings. Smith is 6’5, 305 lbs and was a two year starter for the Pirates. Continue reading