HAIL Redskins President Bruce Allen


In the offseason, we have time to reflect on the past and predict the probable future.  It’s time us fans gave Redskins President Bruce Allen “some love” and appreciate what all he has done for our Washington Redskins and realize how fortunate we are to have him for our president.

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Redskins Scalp Unsuspecting Giants 20 to 14


On a trivia note, how many of you guys remember this headline from last week?

Giants can take an overwhelming lead in the NFC East on Sunday

Well, we now know how that ended: The only thing “overwhelming yesterday” at FedEx Field was the Washington Redskins offense and defense.

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The Redskins Coaching Staff Has New Goals To Set


After 83 years the coaching history of the Washington Redskins is equally rich with tradition and championships. What began with the Boston Braves & head coach Lud Wrayin 1932, and the Boston Redskins in ’33 with head coaches Lone Star Dietz & Eddie Casey in ’35 has evolved with the years into a new team now. There are new faces and new names in the coaching staff, with new traditions to build and new championships to win.

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It’s Time For The Redskins Fans to start supporting Kyle Shanahan

Pic courtesy of washingtonpost.com

This writer does not have a problem with Coach Mike Shanahan having his son Kyle Shanahan as the offensive coordinator, because Kyle earned his stripes and has experience and success in the NFL previously with the Houston Texans. I think everyone will agree when healthy the Houston Texans have an explosive offense. Continue reading