An Era Cut Too Short: RG III And the Washington Redskins


The English tend to define an era as a ‘long and distinct period of history’, but then again they have a long history. Americans have a shorter history, expect quick results, and tend to think of eras in decade terms or less.

The young Heisman Trophy winner seemed destined for greatness in early 2012, and Mike Shanahan mortgaged the farm in a desperate bid to create a new era of success for the Washington Redskins faithful. However the skyrocket beginning in 2012 fizzled out like a bottle rocket, taking coach Mike Shanahan down with it and now sadly the injury ridden RG III era is finally coming to an end.

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It’s Time For The Redskins Fans to start supporting Kyle Shanahan

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This writer does not have a problem with Coach Mike Shanahan having his son Kyle Shanahan as the offensive coordinator, because Kyle earned his stripes and has experience and success in the NFL previously with the Houston Texans. I think everyone will agree when healthy the Houston Texans have an explosive offense. Continue reading

The Washington Redskins Have a New Starting Quarterback

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Washington Redskins fans … the preseason quarterback battle that kept you on the edge of your seat has officially been resolved. Multiple reports indicate that head coach Mike Shanahan decided that the ‘Battle Royale’ between Rex Grossman and John Beck went in Grossman’s favor, and he will be the Week 1 starter. Continue reading