Week11: Redskins @ Panthers – RiverBoat Ron Runs Aground


Event: XXXThe Washington Redskins vs The Carolina Panthers
On The Line: X A .500 record, and sending Riverboat Ron to the bottom of the River
Place: XXXBank of America Stadium
Date: XXX Sunday, November 22
Time: XXX12:00 PM
Venue: XXFox Sports TV

Bottom line?

So far this season the Carolina Panthers have been lucky, real lucky. They won a lot of close games, but they came close to being beaten a number of times too. The Panthers only beat Seattle by 4 points, the Saints by 5 points, and the Colts by 3 points. This time Riverboat Ron’s luck may just run out 

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Redskins Wrap-up: Redskins vs Dallas, Week 3

Pic courtesy of sportsjourney.com

Last night the Washington Redskins come up short on the road 18 to 16 in a great defensive battle. Both the Redskins and Cowboys played great on defense. There were 3 fieldgoals each at halftime; the score was 9 to 9. Why did the Redskins lose? Our fault, their fault, nobody’s fault… Credit the Dallas defense for stopping the running game and playing a good game. Continue reading