Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry – The History As I Saw It

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This 69 year young Washington Redskins fan became a fan in 1969 when famous Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi came out of retirement to be the new head-coach of the Washington Redskins. I had liked the Packers and their Green Bay sweep fascinated me and the famous ICE BOWL (Championship game between Dallas at Green Bay on the coldest day ever, frozen field) was my favorite game at the time.

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Hmmm… Do Lady Redskins Fans Still Matter in 2016?


Let’s start out today with a bit of NFL trivia, something that the NFL is aware of but doesn’t act like it. Can you guess what headline Bloomberg Businessweek ran just two seasons ago?

Here it is: “The NFL Is Growing Only Because of Women”

You see, at issue were the many controversy’s surrounding the NFL’s string of image-wrecking missteps, many of which might alienate women, and this important fact:
The NFL’s future depends on female fans.

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