Week 1: Steelers @ Redskins – Setting The Tone For The Season


Game 1 of our Skins season will make a statement, whether we like the results or not. A victory will give us something to build on, so that’s what we have to take for granted.

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Week 14: Redskins @ Bears – Get Grills Ready for Bear Steaks


Recent History:
“Da Bears” are coming off an overtime loss to the San Francisco 49ers, a game they should have won with a close 36 yard field goal with time running out of regulation. When their kicker missed it and the Bears lost in overtime they just about matched how our Dallas Cowboys game. Both teams are 5 and 7, both are mad, and both want to stomp a mudhole in somebody.  

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Alfred Morris, the “A Train”


When you were just a little tyke your parents tried to teach you common sense the best way they could. Among the many things they tried to get across was to be careful around trains. Trains don’t stop to let you go by; they run over anything that gets in their way.

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A Female Referee? Well, it’s about !*($#% TIME !!!


From Sarah Thomas, a Mississippi native:

“I do honor the fact that many people consider me a trailblazer, but I’ve been doing this because I love it. When you’re out there officiating, the guys don’t think of me as a female. They want me to be just like them – just be an official.”

However this is the part that got my attention the most:

“But my goal has always been to be the best line judge I could be.”

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Washington Redskins 2011 Thanksgiving Status

Pic courtesy of zimbio.com

As of this writing, the Washington Redskins record is 3 and 7 and in the basement of the NFC East Division. Coming off their 6th straight loss, losing another game to the Dallas Cowboys they could have and should have won. Those who are negative will say this has been a “wasted season”, and blame and point fingers. Continue reading

Tailgate Pre-game: Redskins vs Cowboys, Week 11

Pic courtesy of sigmanewsnetwork.com

The Washington Redskins will be home against their arch-rivals Dallas Cowboys Sunday 11/20/11. You can toss out statistics, throw away each teams records. When the Redskins and Cowboys battle, its a war. This rivalry goes way back to the George Allen and Tom Landry coaching days. Continue reading