Tailgate Post-Game: Redskins vs Cowboys – Week 2


As a die-hard Washington Redskins fan and sportswriter, I really hate to write an article after a loss, especially after losing our first two regular season games and being 0 and 2.  I really hate losing to what I see as an inferior team as we did against the Cowboys. I know our team has the potential be the highest scoring team in the NFL. We simply underachieved in both our loses on both sides of the ball.

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Redskins Scalp Unsuspecting Giants 20 to 14


On a trivia note, how many of you guys remember this headline from last week?

Giants can take an overwhelming lead in the NFC East on Sunday

Well, we now know how that ended: The only thing “overwhelming yesterday” at FedEx Field was the Washington Redskins offense and defense.

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Week 12: Showdown At High Noon – Giants @ Redskins


Event: XXXThe Washington Redskins vs The NY Giants
On The Line: X Being tied for first place in the NFC East, what else?
Place: XXXFedEx Field – Landover, Maryland
Date: XXX Sunday, November 29
Time: XXX12:00 PM
Venue: XXFox Sports TV

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Redskins vs Giants: Postgame 9/11/2011

Pic courtesy of the Tailgate Network

Brandon Banks is going to show us a lot this year. He is one very determined player and we are blessed to have him. If Rex Grossman and Anthony Armstrong could just find that little “niche” we would be making touchdowns regularly. Continue reading

Fear the Washington Redskins Defense this season

Pic courtesy of bleacherreport.net

Yes, I was against Redskins coach Mike Shanahan changing our top 4 defense to a 3/4 when he became the headcoach. Yes, I said the NFC East demands a 4/3 defense. However, the 3/4 defense was implemented under Jim Haslett last year and we didn’t have the right personnel for it at that time. Continue reading