Washington Redskins: Defense is King in 2015


Guess which NFL team gave up more touchdown passes than any other NFL team last season? That’s right, you guessed it – the Washington Redskins. No matter how good any teams’ offense may be, you just can’t win in the NFC East divsion without a good defense.

Not to worry: Scot McCloughan has a plan in motion…

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Attention NFC: Redskins “Ain’t no Walk-Thru Game No More”

Teams playing the Redskins will discover that there “ain’t no walk-thru no more“. Opposing offensive players will have to enter at their own risk. The “Enforcers” will hit you and you will feel it and remember it.

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DeAngelo Hall – Leadership Doesn’t Grow On Trees


12th-year veteran DeAngelo Hall has been a Redskins for seven years. He is recovering from the ruptured Achilles’ tendon that cost him the final 13 games of last season and required two surgeries to repair. But Hall is a tough guy so my money is on him to make the team.

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Fear the Washington Redskins Defense this season

Pic courtesy of bleacherreport.net

Yes, I was against Redskins coach Mike Shanahan changing our top 4 defense to a 3/4 when he became the headcoach. Yes, I said the NFC East demands a 4/3 defense. However, the 3/4 defense was implemented under Jim Haslett last year and we didn’t have the right personnel for it at that time. Continue reading

Redskins Rumors And Training Camp Comments

Pic courtesy of nepatriotsdraft.com

Let’s start with DE Andre Carter, who had a less than impressive season for the Washington Redskins in 2010. As a general rule you can’t take twitter very seriously, but what Andre tweeted Sunday night you can. Continue reading