From “You Like That?” to “Beast of the East” – The Journey


Kirk Cousins may have finally been chosen to be the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins last season, but the first half of 2015 came off as clumsy as a pig on ice skates. In game One the Skins managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over Miami. After 5 more games the record stood at 2 wins and four losses.

Why the rough start? Two things stood out:

  • Kirk threw 8 interceptions in 6 games – but was that cause, or just the symptom?
  • Kirk didn’t get to practice at all with the first string before the start of the regular season – definitely not a symptom, and arguably the most likely cause of the 6 game “3 Stooges Marathon”.
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    This Tuesday Night Be At “Rev T’s Sports Revival” ! !

    All loyal, all-weather Washington Redskins fans should listen to Rev T’s Sports Revival on Tuesday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.. He and his exceptional co-hosts discuss all D.C. sports, and especially our Washington Redskins.  Fans can get up to date information and be entertained, revitalized, and encouraged from this broadcast,

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    DeSean Jackson Truly Is a Game Changer


    Just what does the phrase mean to you? We hear it often in sports, “So-and-So is a game changer” but quite frankly the label really doesn’t apply to some guys they hang it on.  The Washington Redskins however have a genuine, “for real” bona-fide game changer.  

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    All-Pro CB Josh Norman Signs With Redskins

    XX Josh Norman, all-pro cornerback from the Carolina Panthers, signed with our Washington Redskins on Friday 04-22-16.  His contract basically is for five years and 75 million dollars, with 50 big ones guaranteed.  

    Sorry Governor Inslee, it looks like the Redskins just reinstated the “Capital Punishment Defense”…

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