Redskins vs 49ers Week 9 Pre-game Factors

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The Skins had a bad game last week against the Buffalo Bills and lost some games recently after a 2 and 0 start. Despite all the injuries that have caused the offense alot of problems, our Washington Redskins will be at home when they play the San Francisco 49ers Sunday. Redskins fans are the loudest and best “12th man” in the NFL, so the 49ers will have a very long and a bad day. Continue reading

Capital Punishment, Washington Redskins Style

Like the title and the Redskins video both indicate, the Washington Redskins have their own style of capitol punishment, and they deliver it on the field. There’s no judge, just an 11 man jury who dispense all judgments with extreme prejudice: the Redskins defense. Continue reading

NFL Rookie Of The Month: Washington Redskins’ Ryan Kerrigan

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In September the Washington Redskins were off to a surprising 2-1 start and a lot of their early success could be attributed to the play of rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan. Continue reading

Redskins Wrap-up: Redskins vs Rams, Week 4

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The Washington Redskins improved to 3 and 1 by defeating the St. Louis Rams 17 to 10. Ryan Torain ran for 135 yards and a 20-yard touchdown as the Redskins jumped on the Rams early, then had to get a great effort from the defense to hold off a late rally by the proud and frustrated Rams. Continue reading

Redskins vs Rams Week 4 Pre-game Factors

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Although the Rams are win-less, they were in two of the games solidly that they lost. Their premier running-back Steven Jackson has been injured and will be back against the Redskins in the next game. Also the Rams signed Rod Hood, a great defensive back. Following the 2006 season, Hood left the Eagles in free agency and signed a five-year $15 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals where he was the starting cornerback in 2007 and 2008. Continue reading