Ryan Kerrigan: Leadership at the Linebacker Position


When adversity strikes a child, often it provides a glimpse of the metal the man will be made of. At age 8 Ryan Kerrigan suffered an ear infection that left him half deaf, but he has overcome that challenge. Over the years Ryan learned to fine-tune his other senses to compensate for the loss.

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The Washington Redskins Have a New Starting Quarterback

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Washington Redskins fans … the preseason quarterback battle that kept you on the edge of your seat has officially been resolved. Multiple reports indicate that head coach Mike Shanahan decided that the ‘Battle Royale’ between Rex Grossman and John Beck went in Grossman’s favor, and he will be the Week 1 starter. Continue reading

Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, Dave Butz, 1975-1989

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Once upon a time in rural Alabama, there was a big farm boy name Dave, and he became one of the best NFL football players ever, durable, only missed 4 games in 16 years. When he retired, he was already a legend with the HTTR Hard-core Hogs. Continue reading

Mike Shanahan and Rex Grossman, a Closer Look

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I’ll have to agree with Buzzard on that one, I think Rex’s college career played into the decision to take a chance on him and Beck. While it’s true that Rex hasn’t put any real numbers up for the Washington Redskins, it’s mostly because he’s been on the bench. But there comes a time that a man has to get off the bench and play, and this is Grossman’s time. Continue reading