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This will be a feature of Redskins Tailgate as we continue to build it into a fine Redskins fansite. Buzzard has a series started to highlight the careers of the 44 members of the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, and we’ll continue to update it until all the members have been covered.

14 thoughts on “Ring of Fame

  1. Gibbs, Jacoby, Monk, and Taylor…and we cannot forget about the late great Jack Kent Cooke…that’s what I see missing

  2. Sammy, that’s why I think we should maybe go for 44 more that aren’t on the list, we just have to figure out how to set it up as a group contribution.

    I found us some new “live” software that could probably handle the voting/polling.

  3. Those names posted are standouts, but don’t forget Joe Jacoby and Russ Grimm. Hanburger and Charlie Brown too! Hail Nation!

  4. Janine ALWAYS does great work! Mags and Leonard: as a life long fan I say THANK U for a forum like this!! It shows your love and dedication to the REDSKINS NATION and your willingness to give the best fans of the best team a voice!! HAIL TO LEONARD!! HAIL TO MAGS!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! HAIL YEAHHHHH!!!

  5. Thanks to Mags he got it up and the and is waiting to be put on. HTTR 4ever and we really need to give thanks to Mags hard work with the technical stuff. HTTR Leonard deserves praise for his determination to represent Redskins Nation in all he does. HTTR

  6. Look, Buzzard also has a ring of fame series started too based upon the official list at WashingtonRedskins.com, we just don’t have it up yet. We’ll do an initial post, then highlight each pair of guys in separate articles.

    It should be fun.

  7. Hi buddy, and thank you for your support and input. I already told Mags (Magyver) you are a leader worthy of respect and praise. The RING OF FAME is the 44 already known & listed at the official Redskins site. We are going to post articles of each and every one of the 44 who are mostly players, coaches & officials.

  8. Jeff, the site is real new, but when we get a few more members why not have them all submit their choices of their all-time favorite Redskins players in a poll and maybe do our own RSTG “Ring of Fame”?

    We would have to decide on the number of players to submit. It doesn’t have to be 44, we can pick a number for our members here. We could tally the results & post it.
    “Whatcha think?”

  9. JeffSkinsFan, that looks like a great start to me. Without even checking I’d say most of them are in the official Redskins Ring of Fame already. There would be more of your players in the list if it wasn’t made up of former players, coaches and officials. The coaches and officials knocked out some of the 44 names that could have been players.

    Buzzard & I plan to feature all 44 on the official list in a “Bio Series” over the coming weeks.
    Thanks for the contribution Jeff.

  10. Well, I think some good ones to start with would be:
    Sammy Baugh
    Sonny Jurgensen
    Sam Huff
    Billy Kilmer
    Jeff Hayes
    Mark Moseley
    John Riggins
    Larry Brown
    Joe Theismann
    Mark Rippen
    Doug Williams
    Gary Clark
    Darrell Green
    Ernest Byners
    Dexter Manley
    Charles Mann
    David Butz
    Frank Herzog

    I think that’s a good start for now, what ya think?

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