“The Illusion of Peace”, by Magyver

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This was written for last Memorial day.

The Illusion of Peace

Peace is elusive
scurrying from battlefield
to battlefield in never-ending frenzy.
Peace cannot be defined,
as cannot be love.
Peace is a wisp of smoke,
an orphan child without a home.
Peace is fragile, broken often
by mere words.
Peace is a dream,
peace is a myth,
peace is a fairytale.
Peace is a concept never fulfilled,
never born, never nursed, never nurtured.
Peace is cursed to wander forever homeless,
forever misunderstood, forever taken for granted,
forever broken, forever written about in tales of sadness.
Lord, may our fallen soldiers be finally blessed with peace now.

Copyright 2011 by Magyver@SaintsTailgate.com

Speak now or forever hold your peace!