Tailgate Poetry

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At the risk of repeating myself, “A sports magazine is like any other magazine, without some diversity of content the site can become stale, especially in the offseason.”

Consider these words by Melissa Donavan:

In the world of writing, one form stands out as different from all the rest: poetry.

Poetry writing is not bound by the constraints of sentence and paragraph structures, context, or even grammar.

In the magical world of poetry, you can throw all the rules out the window and create a piece of art, something that is entirely unique.

This will be the home page of Redskins Tailgate Poetry. We’ll post the links here by title, and you can click on them to read and enjoy them.

We hope you will do both.

41 thoughts on “Tailgate Poetry

  1. A birthday cake had an indian warrior sitting on top with pride, as candles all a glow lit up the room where Skins fans were standing side by side. Happy birthday was sung out as a SNORT sounded from the Hog, as candles were blown out by a mighty breath as another snort lifted the ears of the dog! Then we all had a piece of cake to celebrate another year, of a Mighty Hog and a Redskins Brother, that we Ze Redskins all hold so dear! Happy Birthday Stephette Hogette, make a pig of yourself and have 3 slices……it’s your day! Happy Birthday Brother!!!!!

  2. The wind was howling as the leaves began to die, as little eyes look through the drapes to see if witches really do fly, as pumpkims all a glow with a scary face, as some put on costumes or parties start to take place. Then the time to trick or treat was ready by the brave, to walk around on Hallow Eve as candy they did crave. The moon was full as we walked the street watching in the dark, scared at the sound of a creeking tree or a howling bark, then to pass a house that no one lived anymore, see if the bravest trickster would walk up to the door. The creaking sound of old dried wood sounded under their feet as a old worn door greeted them, was this a scary mistake. A hoot owl sounded under the door as he sat up by the rafter, as a trickster runs from the door as a scream replaces laughter. Let’s forget about this house one says to the other, as a ghost was thought to be seen by one, as a little one cry’s out mother! Then a house was seen by them with all it’s lights lit bright, let’s go and check this out as they ran from that house of fright. Sweets and cakes lined the door as the walked up to the bell, and before they had a chance to ring. they heard a voice say well,well well! All the kids lined up as the door slowly opened wide, as each little head strained to see in, who was that inside. Just then a little lady handed out all candy and gum, gee this lady was really nice, now this is Halloween fun. Come back later my darlings as the lady closed the door and many of the little ones knew they would be back for more. The kiddies all walked around and filled up their little bags, with candy and gum and licorice they thought wow, this isn’t so bad. As they decided to walk home they remembered that old ladies plea, come back for more candy, come back and one more time see me. They came back to that house with all the lights aglow and decided to look in the window, that lady wouldn’t know. A black cat sat on the window sill looking out at them, meowing with a purr and friendly growl as if to welcome them in. Then as they looked through the window as that lady they saw before, was dressed as a witch with a broom, standing by the door. She opened the door and let out a cackle that scared the kids, everyone, they turned and yelled “She’s a Witch!” as all of them did run. The little old witch came from the opened door and laughed a mighty roar as she dropped the broom stick from her hand as it fell upon the floor. She reached up with one of her hands and removed her witches mask, this time my little friends it I who was the trickster, boy you guys run real fast. Everyone made it home with the thought of that witch they saw and mom and dad heard the story about the old witch by the door. Listen my darling said the dad, tonight is Halloween, you may see many strange things tonight……..now time for bed…….sweet dreams! Happy Halloween Everyone!

  3. Sung to She’s got a Ticket to Ride, by the BEATLES! ………..I think I was real sad, I think it was Mondayyyyyy YEAH, the cowboys won the game, and I was so maddd Yeah, OHHH I got a Ram to FRY, I got a Ram to FRY FRY FRY, I got a Ram to FRY, and it’s on Sunday! My wife was saying too me, I’m making her so maddd YEAH, cause I was cursing so free, cause our 2 minutes were badddd YEAH, OHHHH I thought I was going to cryyyyy, I thought I was going to CRY CRY CRY, I thought I was going to cry, that loss was so bad! I think I’m going to be glad, I think it will be Sundayyyyyy YEAH, for we are beating the Rams, you will all seeeee Yeah, a lamb is going to cryyy and we will drive up the score so high, A Ram is going to cry……..and WE DON’T CARE, MY NATION DON’T CARE……MY NATION DON’T CARE…….MY NATION DON’T CARE…….BEEP BEEP BEEP YEAH!!!!

  4. Well it is a short week and St. Louis we are bound, get the taste of this loss out of our mouth, by getting ready for Ram Town. We are not going to cry cause we are 2 and 1, now get ready for lamb on a spit, medium rare is better than well done. So now lets get this team going in the direction we are going to be, 3-1 after Ram day…….no doggy bags for 53! Hail Redskins Nation, lamb chops coming up!!!!

  5. Dall ass says Romo is the man, and they think they are the best in the land, well after we are done, that rib will get more than one jam, then that little punk ass will need a bed pan! Well Dall ass must think we are the niner’s, but they will think different as we kick all those behinders, then Jones can take his team and put it where the sun don’t shine, for we will stand tall as dall ass fans start to whine. So get your teflon or whatever you want to wear, cause Orakpo and friends won’t give a care, as one more hit will dig into those ribs, then Romo will eat creamed corn as he dribbles on his blue and silver bib! We have listened to the Cowboys say they are America’s team, time guys to unzip, we will pee on that we dream, then all cowboy fans can hide their head in shame, cause baby get used to it……Redskins are the new game!

  6. We are all two colors, Burgundy and Gold, some of us are young and some of us are old. Some of us are African and some of us are Caucasion, some of us are Spanish, Peuto Rican or Asian. Some of us like chicken and some of us like pork, some of us just love food and quickly grab a fork. Some of us are drink wine and some of us drink booze, some of us drink coffee, or tea is what some choose. Some of us like movies and some like TV shows, some of us wear jeans and some wear fancy clothes. Some of us have families and some are all alone, but we are all one Nation, so we all have a home. Some of us love music and Jazz is in our soul, some of us like to rapp and some love Rock and Roll. Yes there are many things that make us diversified, but we all have one thing in common, and that’s Burgundy and Gold Redskins Pride!………Hail Nation, let me hear ya!!!

  7. A Giant came to town and looked down on us as though his crap didn’t stink,
    so we let him have his little say, hell we even poured him a drink.
    Then the ball was in the air and the game indeed started,
    by the time we were done the Giant had no fun, & we kicked his butt till he farted!
    There was just too much wind in that azz as he came in here dis’n me and you,
    but after 4 quarters and 60 minutes his azz was black and blue.
    Then we watched as he got on the bus, a little groggy and in pain,
    get used to it buddy boy and remember always, “in DC….we now got game”!
    We watched that bus drive away and a blue jersey was flying in the air,
    we ripped it off that big bad Giant, hell we even had his underwear.
    Now take this back to your beat up shack known as the “swamp and hole”,
    next up is the loser’s from Dallas, again the Redskins will roll,
    and don’t think for one minute we haven’t forgot the Feeble,
    when we are done with some Philly fun, your damn bird will be a pigeon not a Eagle!

    FEAR NO ONE!!!!!!!!! HTTR!

  8. Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory……Fail to the Cowboys, I love Gi’Aint and Philly Misery! HTTR’S…..HAIL THE NEW BREED!

  9. I was watching the game on my couch, I saw a Redskins team and I just couldn’t slouch, they got my attention and was starting to click, then that fool missed one little 29 yard kick! I said oh well it’s his ass in the sling, I got back to watch my Skins do their thing. They moved the ball effortlessly down the field, I said to myself, man this is real, another 87 yard drive was marched for a score, man this team was crap no more! Yes it’s preseason I know that’s true, but this team is different I see it, don’t you? I’ll take our win against the Steeler’s, their fan’s can’t take it, they are becoming Squeelers, well their is only one group of Squeelers that hit you guys like a log, may I introduce the second coming of those big beautiful Hogs! I watched a O-line playing like new, I watched a Defense that played so true, I watched a team start to gel and perform, some may not agree with me, but I’m telling you it won’t be long! So hail to the Redskins and Hail the New Breed, FEAR NO ONE……make THAT!…….your new CREED!!!!! Hail Nation, Hail to the REDSKINS………………….​..GIVE ME A HAIL YEAH NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Len and Magyver, thank you gentlemen for making this site and Mac, thanks for re posting for me, I appreciate all you do men, thanks again!

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  13. Between Sammy and Magyver, we can enjoy great poetry anytime. I heard Sammy has written hundreds of poems. Magyver is also a recognized poet. I hope everyone enjoys this section of REDSKINSTAILGATE

  14. • Hail to the Redskins, hail the Burgundy and Gold, hail to our Redskins, the young and the old! Hail to the father bringing his son to the game, hail to the family coming by car or train. Hail to the Grandparents who have been coming for years, Hail to the Grand kids with all their Souveneir gear. Hail to the singles coming for the tailgate, hail to the hook ups that think tailgate was great, hail to the married ones who come rain or shine, hail to the divorcees who are finished serving their time. Hail to the toddlers who can barely see over the chair, lifted up by daddy to see the ball in the air. Hail to the daddies who’s kid’s are their pride and hail to the mommies who come along for the ride. And finally hail to yes me and you, for all that read this is part of our Redskins crew! Hail to us People! HTTR, HTST, HTCG and Hail to NO LOCK OUT!

  15. • Up again and time to shine, bringing on the love, writing about my Redskins and Sean our strong safety up above! Never let a minute go when we done think of our past, remembering the Hogs, Fun Bunch and Possee, 3 memories that will always last. Think about our diesel that big ass 44, think about the Super bowls we won, some super memories galore. Think about Sb 17 and that diesel run, think about SB 22 and that 35 point second quarter fun. Think about Sb26 and that glorious ride, for the second year in a row….Buffalo denied! Think about Joe Gibbs and Bugel with the same first name, think about all those Hogs that protected our QB every game….Think about those Cheerleaders and those short skimpy burgundy skirts, sorry gals this is for the guys, the single ones that like to flirt! Think about our Possee, one of the best corp or receivers that ever played, 1 is in the hall of fame, 2 more on the way. Think about those cowboy games when the Skins came out on top, the cowboys may have won more, but the championships of 72 and 82 WE CAME OUT ON TOP! Think about the band that plays that great Redskins fight song, Hail to the Redskins, sing it loud and long….Think about the different uniforms that this team has worn, every one was beautiful whether new or torn, Think about the fans that come to see and scream for us, think about all of them coming by car, train or bus….Think about those cheerleaders, think about them again, if anyone said meet me, our guys would say, where and when! Think about our brother Sean there up in the sky, whether your a man or a woman, it’s okay to cry. Think about the greatest helmet worn by our t….We are gonna get better, then it will be days of future past! Hail Nation Forever! HTTR,HTST,HTCG

  16. Sitting in the stands my mind started to wander, to days of yesterday and I began to ponder, to ponder about a young man who’s life was so full of dreams, and to think of him after a hit and all our wild screams! He had a beautiful little girl whom he whispered to I love you after a game, you could see by the love in her eyes, daddy was her main game! Holding on to that child, you knew his life would change, as he would be a good father and never cause her pain. Then one day all that changed and he was to be no more, to see that little darling asking ‘Where’s daddy?” as she stood waiting by the door! Tears were streaming down the face of all his fans so blue, how could this happen to him, a warrior Daddy so true. Then I saw another dad next to me holding his son, he had a jersey on his back with a big old 21! Sean your spirit is alive and your little girl is fine as we see parent’s in the stands with children like your’s and mine……And forever your spirit will soar above the Nation so far above, forever a Redskins warrior, your daughter sends her love! Hail to SEAN TAYLOR….our STRONG SAFETY SON!

  17. • There is a stone lying in the sun with a name that is cut so deep, it is the same sharp deep cut all Redskins Nation felt when he went to sleep. As we awoke that morning to confront another day, little did we realize the Redskins Nation would change in a sorrowful way. The word came across the T.V. and were our eyes deceived, it took a moment for it all to sink in, and then it was time to grieve. We knew then and there our lives would be changed once more, for his life had ended too quickly and his spirit would soon heavenly soar. We never thought this day would come and life would never be the same, our Nation now had to come to terms with this, and deal with all this pain! Four years have now passed since this sorrowful day, there is no words to put into place the way we feel today, and as we think of Sean and pray for his soul, remember our loyal 21, you will always be Burgundy and Gold! HTTR, HTST, HTCG!

  18. • Gotta hate the cowchips, hate the silver and blue, gotta love the homo the way he choked in Seattle too, I’ll give it to the cowwhores when they wiggle past, but Jerry Jones you are a jerk and you can KISS MY ASS! HTTR, HTST’ HTCG!

  19. The RFK CREW They all had different names, oh some first were the same, they all had more than one jersey and they all knew the game. This stadium that we loved held 54,000, that’s all, but when you think of the heart of a Skins fan, never was RFK small! Other teams would come in and look at all those rabid fans, well you know your dam right, the most loyal in the land! Always there was a sell out and never was it mellow, just remember that Atlanta playoff game and all those seats of yellow, raining down on the field to let the Redskins know, we are all behind you and we all love you so! Yes those rafters rumbled, shimmied, hammered and shook, and it got a hell of a lot louder when a Cowboy got a left hook! Don’t come into RFK cowboy fan and think you are going to intimidate, take a look at all the Burgundy and Gold, if we wish your fish bait! Hearing all the screaming and yelling to help our beloved team, whether it’s scoring a touchdown or snuffing out another’s scoring dream! Yes we love to feel the vibration of all those stomping fans and see the stands a swaying as we listen to the band, playing out their song for all the world to hear…we just scored a touchdown and that other team want’s out of here! Yes RFK may be gone but those wonderful memories will always last, now we scream in FED EX field and these yells are coming long, loud and fast! So Hail to the Redskins and always scream it loud, remembering those days in RFK, man it makes you proud! HTTR,HTST,HTCG

  20. George Allen was a man that made this team believe that they were real, it didn’t matter if they were older, there was a new heart they could feel! They went out on a field of grass and played with inspiration and heart, they played a hard game intensely, never quitting right from the start. The younger men on the other team felt the lumps and pain that stang, cause they were greeted with a new breed…..THE OVER THE HILL GANG! So remember Coach Allen fondly and yes it is a shame we couldn’t win super Bowl 7, but a standard was set by our old man, who still looks down on us from heaven! Hail Coach Allen for all your insight and the older men you broke from the mold, We may have not won a Super Bowl but we were proud of our Burgundy and Gold! Now a new breed stands before us with 3 Super bowls won by our Redskins teams from the past, Coach Allen may be gone from the Nation, but his teachings will always last! So let us look up to the sky and salute our great OLD MAN, The OVER THE HILL GANG was his creation the most devoted to his plan and when we remember they’re accomplishment and the way they played with pride well then we can look fondly on the past and say, wasn’t it a glorious ride! HTTR, HTST, HTCG and HAIL TO CAOCH ALLEN…RIP!

  21. We remember all our Redskins team’s and think of them with pride, we go to games and show our love, and wear our player’s numbers with pride. Some of us dress in ways that let all who see us know, yes we are Redskins fan’s and in our veins is blood colored Burgundy and Gold. We remember teams that had certain groups like the Hogs and the Fun Bunch, we remember the diesel paving the way with a drive and a ending with a loud crunch, then there was the Possee and the National defense, never making excuses, just getting it done with no pretense. Now Gibbs is a name that every Redskins fan knows, he had a game plan that was pure gold, always making adjustments and his halftime ones were second to none, changing up the game, keeping others off balance until the game was won. Well now it’s time to look forward and know that changes need to come, if we want to win more games and make a Super Bowl run…..so stick around now and see the new Redskins that will soon be, we had to say good bye to some old faces, but new ones we will soon come to see. So don’t you all worry, the best is about to start and there is no better place to look ……than a Redskins fan’s beating heart! HTTR, HTST, HTCG, Hail NATION!

  22. There is a case in Fed Ex Field that has a special place in the heart of every Redskins Fan, It holds 3 treasures that tell the world, for that day we were the best in the land! They have a symbolic meaning for every team that played, some were Hogs, some were Possee, some of them departed and some of them stayed. A another piece of NFL trivia was marked with all those football stats, 3 Super Bowl trophies won by this team, with 3 different Quarterbacks! When we see those silver beauty’s glistening in the light, we know it always and forever to be so and it feels so proudly right, that for those years we were the team that came into that season and won, running off the field after the game with our helmets raised to the sun. Yes Super Bowls 17, 22 and 26 was true and rightfully ours and we may have missed on 7 and 18, but there are no more scars……because new never let it stop our determination and driving grit, and we never let it get us down cause a Redskin never quits. Well Nation I am telling you and listen to my words once more, we have 3 glistening Super Bowls in our case…..and soon IT WILL BE FOUR! Guaranteed! HTTR, HTST, HTCG and Hail to YOU NATION! 

  23. A group of Hogs come to the line all mud covered and bruised, with cuts on their fingers and tape with blood starting to ooz. They get down in the stance with all their size and girth, fingers digging deep in the mud to seize that small piece of earth. The smoke begins to escape from their masks as that line of swine was paused, with one idea in their mind, push the line and score. Drips of sweat poured off their chins with each pulsating breath, gonna crush a lineman, that bastards gonna feel the swines unmistakable breath. There is a pause for a second until there is the call, Heavy Jumbo lined up ready for the ball. The snap is made and that line of hogs move with the snap of the ball, a heavy push forward is made and The Diesel touches the ball. No one can stop the madness and the line of swine move the defenders back, there is no defense anywhere able to stop this pork attack. The hole is made by this Hog we all know as Grimm, and behind our number 68 Riggo rumbles in! The referee signals touchdown as the diesel spikes the ball, another Redskins touchdown thanks to that Big Old beautiful Swine Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. • Mist crawled along the lawn to the place where he did lay, never again would we see his kind, and never again would he play. We leave flowers and sit by the stone that coldly bears his name, but flowers can’t hide the grief inside and that awful remorseful pain. Rest Sean Burgundy and Gold Forever Bro!

  25. • We came by his grave where he was laid to rest, we saw the flowers and notes left there by fans that knew he was the best. We thought of the times he made those great plays, and won all those games that had us singing his praise. The sun was shinning and there was hardly a cloud, the trees were swaying with birds singing aloud and then the thought came to our mind…Why God Why were the Nation left behind! He was so young and had so much to give, why do some die and others left to live. We thought of the play against dallas that won us the game, but that cold stone tombstone again brought us pain. The pain of a young man still in his prime, that didn’t deserve to go before his time. So left are we with all those great plays ,we remember in our mind on those other sunny days and never can we as a nation so strong ever come to grips with your sad so long. So back we will come to the tombstone to mourn, and leave Redskins hats, it’s where you belonged. We will never forget our dependable 21 as we sit by the tombstone in the warm summer sun! HTTR/HAIL TO YOU SEAN/HTCG

  26. • There in the tunnel he stands, a faded 21 on his chest, the players running on the field standing 3 abreast. Never did he waver and never did he move as the team did run out on the field and do the Redskins groove. The team ran to the sidelines and all began to pray, then we saw this figure come out from the tunnel and stay. He stood by the team until the prayer was done and then we saw that faded number on the field he did run. No one else saw him until Landry made a hit, then we saw him standing there admiring Landry’s no quit. The game was played with passion and then and there he was seen, standing in the huddle, was it just a dream. Finally the game was over and the Redskins won the game, as the players were all congragulated there he stood just the same. The players ran off the field and pass him they did run, never seeing what we saw, that faded 21. Then he looked in the stands with tears in his eyes, he always wanted to stay, but fate said goodbye. Then he waved to us all and faded away we saw, he may be in heaven but a Redskin evermore! Love you Sean…..God’s peace! HTTR/HTST/HTCG

  27. • I walked into the cemetery looking for the stone, that bore the name of Taylor, I felt so all alone. I found his marker quietly sitting in the sun, with footballs chiseled in the stone and a big old 21 and there were flowers planted there by fans who came before to let our Sean know forgotten never more! Alone I sat there and looked up in the sky, as I saw a beautiful bird come and fly right by. He sat upon the stone and looked at me surreal, it almost seemed this little bird like me could also feel. He jumped down from the stone and landed on the grass and walked up to me as I sat and again flew by me with a pass and then as I saw him he was sitting in a tree, I was looking at him and he was looking at me. A hundred memories went through my mind of Sean and his great game and then again it started, that lonely deep down pain and only did it stop when that little bird came back, what was he trying to make me see, was there a plan to his coming back. I looked at him as he flew around and landed on the stone and then he looked at me again, suddenly I didn’t feel alone. The wind slowly picked up but that little bird did stay and then he flew on my shoulder, it seemed he had something to say. He chirped a little song and flew off in the air, suddenly I felt a little better as if I didn’t have a care. I got up from the bench and quietly said to Sean, I really miss you brother, now I have to go home, and as I left I felt like someone was looking at me and there I saw that little bird sitting in the tree. He nodded his head and flew off high into the sky, I think it was Seans spirit coming by to say to me ……HI! HTST!

  28. • Lets take a moment and go back to a simpler time…..remember…..waking up Christmas morning to see what Santa left under the tree, remember going out for trick or treat, what different costumes you would see. Remember the morning Easter Egg hunt to find eggs hidden around the house, remember playing street stick ball, a homerun was past the last house. Remember playing stoop ball and hopscotch wasn’t just for girls, remember jumping rope with your friends and running away from girls. Remember the games of hide and seek and tag your it, remember staying out till dark playing ball, you didn’t want to quit. Remember when a snow storm was a treat, throwing snowballs was always fun and you never hurt anyone’s property, the worse was ring and run. Remember red light green light 1,2,3…remember playing kick the can or your sister playing with her barbies. Remember the game red rover running behind your friends back and playing on the sidewalk don’t step on the crack. remember school outings and paper bag lunches made by mom, remember the slumber parties, never did strangers do harm. Remember riding your bicycle with baseball cards in the spokes, remember playing tag and giving your friend a friendly poke. Remember saturday morning cartoons, they were such a blast…Johnny Quest or Shazaam, Space Ghost and the Flintstones, a cartoon about the past. Remember Big Bruiser the tow truck with a strong crane, remember the scrapped knee you had when momma took care of the pain. Remember taking your training wheels off with dad by your side, the feeling you got by doing it yourself and the look of a father’s pride. Remember playing GI Joes, we have to take that hill, remember mom with her medicine for you, yeeech, another pill! Remember when Dr’s made house calls and came to you by your bed, mom and dad were there, there was nothing to dread. Remember the first time you kissed a girl with your eyes wide open, remember when we left the car door unlocked and front doors left wide open. Remember going to the park and playing ball all day, all dad did was whistle and you ran home right away. Remember report cars were the only worry that you used to have, hoping you got all good marks cause you didn’t want to make your parents sad. Remember Ring Oleario and Ring around the Rosey, did any of us really know what was a posey? Remember Mom tucking you in bed with a bed time story, never were you scared or ever had a worry…..Remember all your childhood fun and never forget your past, it’s the memories of a child that makes being a parent a blast! Hope you enjoyed this Nation…..

  29. • Sometimes we agree to disagree, that’s alright with me, opinions are welcome from all views, that’s what makes us free, looking to the future some cuts have to be made, forget about sentimentality, that won’t make the grade. The youth has to be looked at with a winning plan, if we stay the course we are on, well it’s going to be the same old jam. Do we really want to have to win 5 to get into the playoffs, or do we want to start with 5 and shake these cob webs right off. Gibbs is a consultant and he see’s now what needs to be done, to move this team from the dark and bask in the warm winning sun, so let us remember the past and all the Redskins glory, but if you look at the 18 years past, it’s the same old story. Let us then make a pledge to every fan of the burgundy and gold, lets us stand together and look to the youth not the old, for if you really want to win and lift another Lombardi, youth is the ship that will get us there……get ready for a new winning story. Hail to the Redskins and all their future plans, hail to us the most fanatical loyal fans, and Hail to comments that move us with a positive view, I like the changes, and when we start winning…..so will you! HTTR, HTST, HTCG!!!

  30. The rain poured down on the football field, the fans filed in with the rain making it so surreal. The clouds darkened more as the storm began to grow then out from the tunnel our Redskins began to show. They ran to the sidelines with a purpose in their step, they weren’t worried about storm clouds or the fact they were getting wet. Then the other team came out, the cowboys were there too, it didn’t matter about the blue star, today they’d be black and blue. The game started in that squall, with wet fingers clasping, trying to hold on to that ball, and as the game wore on there was one thing seen through the fog, it was that great big old line of swine, we all fell in love with Hogs! Dirt, grime and sweat covered their carcasses so large, we had to admire their determination, to move them would take a barge. But a barge wasn’t there only a line of silver and blue, and even that couldn’t stand up to that gold and burgundy hue! Yes wet dirty and muddy were our warrior swine, oh my how we loved them, never a swine so fine! HAIL TO OUR HOGS……FOREVER REDSKINS, FOREVER OURS! HTTR, HTST, HTCG, HTRN!!!!

  31. As we walk through Canton there are busts we see, that mean a great deal to those men as well as you and me. There we see the Diesel, good old 44, running was his main game, we don’t see them that tough anymore. Then there is Darrell, our little Green machine, one of the greatest at his position, a 20 year culmination of a dream. Hey Art Monk there you are sitting on the glass, you always made the big play and big man you always broke your ass! Wait I think I see an area where it is a little dim, it looks like a bulb has been busted, figures it’s over Russ Grimm! Always was a hitter and a true member of the swine, that good old Burgundy and Gold Big Beautiful HOG LINE! Wait there I see him, man his accomplishments were big don’t you know….we don’t have to waste much time here, let’s just say Thanks Joe! Now we have the Hangman, hanburger is his name, 55 man alive he played hard every game. So Hooray for our Hall of Famers, I’m sure there are several more, but after saying Hanburger, I’m drawn to the refrigerator door! PEACE NATION….HAIL OUR HALLERS!

  32. Jerry Jones likes to say he owns America’s team, but I know a Nation that likes to pee on that wet dream. He can’t get it right when he finally gets a Bowl, I guess that’s what happens when a rich fool gets too old. He comes to Fed Ex Field sporting his Texas bling, but all his jewelry and all his money just don’t mean a thing, because when you strip it away he’s just a shriveled up old man, with dreams of Dall ass grandeur and the Redskin Nation don’t give a dam! So take your team Jones and put it where the sun don’t shine, I think you better check your depends, your leaving a yellow line!

  33. • People just look at this site and see how it has grown, Redskins fans from all over America to speak of our loyal own. We come on here in the morning, in the afternoon or the night and we keep our Redskins comments coming sometimes until it get’s light. We always respect one another and welcome a new member true, we never judge by your color and we love to hear from all of you. So keep the comments coming and some of the poems are really neat , a Redskin fan is the loyalist in the land, Burgundy and Gold can’t be beat! HTTR, HTST, HTCG!!!!!

  34. • We all may be miles from each other apart, but distance won’t stop the beating of a Redskin’s Heart! We facebook each other with Redskins pride, we leave nothing out and nothing is kept inside. We say it with love and we say it with poem, we always meet new friends and are never alone. So watch the family grow with adoration, other teams have fans, but we have a Nation! HTTR, HTST, HTCG

  35. I saw him standing by the road with a duffle bag in his hand, he was looking for a ride and I figured I’d help him out of a jam. I pulled the car over and let him hop on in, he said thanks alot buddy, with a toothy grin. We traveled down the road a way talking as we drove, listening to the radio and conversing as we rode. I thought he seemed familiar and I tried to remember his face, but only a question mark arose when I tried to put him in a place, a place that I thought I remembered but again nothing rang true and just then he said to pull over, our ride together was through. He got out and grabbed his bag and thanked me for the ride, but there was something different in a way he couldn’t hide…he said he loved football and always loved the crowd, especially when he made a play and how the fans were always loud. He gave me a wink and turned away walking a little forelorn, and as I looked in the mirror, I saw that he was gone. But just then I looked on the seat at a area that was torn, and on a nametag from his bag….was the name Sean! Rest in Peace Brother! HTTR, HTST,HTCG

  36. • Hail to the Redskins, we sing it every game…always letting our Nation know that we are all the same. Some of us are tall and some of us are small, but size doesn’t matter on a facebook wall. Some af us are African and some of us are Asian…some of us are Indian and some of us Caucasion. Some of us are boys and some of us are girls, some wear Jersey’s and some wear Pearls…….Some of us are young and some of us are old, but everyone here on Redskins Nation bleeds the BURGUNDY and GOLD! HTTR, HTST, HTCG……and most of all HAIL TO US!

  37. The moon was full and low as the tomb stones glistened with a lunar light, there was no one in the vicinity and gates of the cemetery were closed and locked up tight. The birds were all silent, sleep replaced their song as the graves were all lined up, melancholy and silently strong. Then a mist was seen appearing slowly rising from the ground with the glowing moon shinning and still there was no sound. As suddenly a form was slowly being made, standing in the area where our beloved 21 was laid. He slowly took form and stood there with his head lowly bent down, as he made his way around the tombstone and still there was no sound. Then we saw him begin to run from one end of the lot to the other, he had that spring in his step, could that have been our brother? Never once did he stop and never did he seem to see, anything but what he was doing, so intently and so free. Then he slowly went to the bench and sat there by the stone which had his name chiseled in it, he seemed so sad and alone. Soon the sun was rising and him we saw no more, as the gates of the cemetery were unlocked for another day’s visit once more. We came to the tombstone where he was seen as no one was there at the grave, but we saw these cleated footprints all around the lot and amongst these other graves. We sat there on the bench where the other night he was seen, was it just our imagination or maybe it was a dream. Then as we sat there quietly we heard a whisper in our ear, “Thank you for coming and staying with me….I’m ok so don’t worry you hear! RIP SEAN, WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU 21!

  38. Hail to our Redskins, look at all the change. Man I love it people, why does that seem strange? Yes we had some turmoil, but that is in the past, now we are moving forward and building a team that will last! Hail to the Redskins and all our Beautiful Nation, man I love the changes, Pure Burgundy and Gold Adoration! Hail to the NEWSKINS……LOOKING FORWARD, PLANNING AHEAD AND BUILDING A FUTURE THAT WILL LAST!

  39. Gotta love the Redskins, our men from D.C., Yes I’ll give a Hail that’s for you and me, and when the years pass and I get very old, just take my shiny wheelchair and paint it Burgundy and Gold!!! Hail to the Redskins!

Speak now or forever hold your peace!