Washington Redskins Ring of Fame: George Allen, 1970-1977

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Between the years 1945 and 1970, twenty-five years, the Washington Redskins did not have any postseason appearances, also had many losing seasons. Then along came Vince Lombardi who made some positive changes, but passed away. George Allen was named the new headcoach of the Washington Redskins. Respected by his peers and all NFL, AFL as a defensive genius, George Allen instantly made the Redskins a winning team. He had no losing seasons under his coaching days.

George Allen was inducted into the Hall Of Fame by one of his players, Rams Deacon Jones, and here are some quotes from Deacon Jones speech as he introduced George Allen to the Hall Of Fame.

“Teamwork, hard work, pride, determination, and competitive spirit permeated the life and times of the man I am honored to present for induction to the greatest sports Hall of Fame of them all – Coach George Allen.” “Often times, it’s best to describe someone in their own words. And, I can find none better that exemplified Coach George Allen than those words he said, ‘In sports, the only measure of success is victory. We must sacrifice everything to this end. The man who can accept defeat and take his salary without feeling guilty is a thief.'”

Allen elevated the Redskins to the league’s elite for the first time in a quarter-century. The 1971 team was undefeated through late October and finished with a surprising 9-4-1 record and its first trip to the playoffs since 1945. Perhaps Allen’s most satisfying 1971 victory was a December Monday-night win in Los Angeles that all but ended the Rams’ playoff hopes.

Allen’s 1972 team, with Billy Kilmer by now the starting quarterback, won the NFC East title with an 11-3 record; the defense allowed a conference-low 218 points on the way to a NFC title, which was secured with a 26-3 home victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Redskins went to the Superbowl!!!

George Allen’s lifetime percentage was winning 2 of 3 games played, or .667 I believe every true, all weather Redskins fan knows and respects George Allen and agrees he deserves to be in the Ring of Fame.

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