You Can’t Call it Bad Luck, The Injuries Got out of of Control


If the Washington Redskins did not have bad luck, they would not have any luck at all. The Redskins lost both starting guards weeks ago, all-pro left tackle Trent Williams undergo surgery on his hand, thumb and other injuries, They lost their starting quarterback Alex Smith for the season after he suffered a broken leg. Backup quarterback Colt McCoy was throw into the fire.

In last night’s game versus the Eagles, McCoy suffered a season ending broken leg. Quarterback Mark Sanchez was just signed two weeks ago and had not taken a regular season snap in 701 days. With virtually no practice with the starters, Sanchez became the starting quarterback and faced the pressure of a good Eagles pass-rush and front seven.

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The one memorable highlight the Redskins had in the game was a 90 yard touchdown run by future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson. The Eagles dominated the line of scrimmage, plain & simple. Here are some of the stats that reveal why the Redskins lost the game.

First Half Stats
At the half, the Redskins were down only 1 point as the score was Eagles 14 and Redskins 13. Quarterback Colt McCoy had completed 4 of 4 passes before he was injured. However, the Redskins only had seven 1st downs and the Eagles had fourteen 1st downs. The Eagles won the time of possession with the Redskins having the ball 10:40 to the Eagles 19.20, almost double.

End Game Stats
Final statistics were not good for the Redskins, They lost the 3rd down conversion rate 20% to the Eagles 53:85%. Redskins time of possession was 20:41 to the Eagles possessing the football 39:19, almost twice as long. Eagles had 306 passing yards to the Redskins 131 yards.

Injuries, the Gift That Keeps on Giving
The Redskins lost more than just a game, Offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom is probably out for the season with a shoulder, arm injury and the last quarter of the regular season will be lead by quarterback Mark Sanchez with a patchwork offensive line.

Where we Stand Now
Like ESPN 980, Super Bowl winner Rick Doc Walker said “Your studs got to be studs, playing up to their paychecks!” The 6 and 6 Washington Redskins are 6 and 6 along with the Philadelphia Eagles and in 2nd place. The Eagles play the 6 and 5 Dallas Cowboys next game. There is still a slight chance the Redskins win the NFC East Division, but better chances to be a wild card team, so the season is not over for the Redskins. There is still a lot of football left in the season. What the Redskins do in the last 4 games is critical.

Obviously, the Redskins need to find a backup quarterback quickly and probably 2 more offensive linemen. It is usually “the next man up” but in the Redskins case, there is no next man to be up. The Redskins have to solve these issues before they play Sunday.

Down the Stretch
The Redskins play the Giants next and the Eagles the very last game, Victories over those division rivals will put the Redskins division record at 4 wins and 2 losses. If the heavily injured Redskins can manage to win the last 4 games and be 10 and 6, it may be enough to possibly win the division or be one of the Wild Card teams in the playoffs. Stranger things have happened. This team will not fold and throw in the towel. They will do their best. All-weather Redskins fans will support them to the end.

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