Week 11 – Custer’s Men Waited for the Redskins too, Big Mistake…


Thanksgiving day? Well, Skins fans got turkey, beer, dressing, Crown Royal, veggies, wine coolers, but the gravy is whooping the Dallas Cowgirls in their own back yard. I have to warn you though, the Boys are favored as of this writing by 7 to 8.5 points.

“But Wait, There’s More!”
The Cowboys are ranked 14th but the Skins were downgraded to 13th.

“But Wait, There’s Still More!”
We’re gonna stomp a mudhole in the Dallas Cowboys and their football challenged fans are going to pay for the privilege of watching it. Now THAT’S what I call Thanksgiving!

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Many believe since the Washington Redskins lost starting quarterback Alex Smith for the season that the Redskins are done. They believe there is a big drop off between quarterback Alex Smith and now quarterback Colt McCoy. They also point out that our offensive line is not strong after losing both starting guards for the season and all-pro left tackle Trent Williams has missed games because of an injured thumb which required surgery.

Can Colt Handle it?

Bottom line, Colt McCoy is a 9 year NF veteran, but Alex Smith has more playoff experience and has played more NFL games. Bear in mind however that Colt has been in Jay Gruden’s “offensive system” for about 5 years now – he knows the playbook backwards & forwards, top to bottom and sideways. Coach Jay Gruden can open up the playbook and Colt McCoy should be able to quote the playbook chapter & verse. Colt doesn’t stop there – He’s mobile, competitive, and he studies game films like his life depended on it.

What to Expect:

  • I honestly expect even with the bandaids & baling wire “patched up” offensive line McCoy will lead the Redskins to victory.
  • The smart money says scoring over 27 points against a very good Dallas defense is very do-able.
  • I also believe that future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson will pass Jim Browns record of 106 touchdowns by scoring twice against the Dallas Cowboys and set his eyes on Walter Payton’s record.
    What Not to Expect:

  • Offensively the Skins can’t drop passes & commit senseless penalties.
  • Gruden needs to throw the challenge flag when it is obvious the call on the field is wrong. He also must not waste any timeouts the 2nd half of the game.
  • Redskins must win the time-of-possession and 3rd down conversion battles and not turn the ball over but get turnovers.
    The “Keys to Victory”:

    The Skins must run the ball & stop the run too. Our “Alabama Wall” must contain Ezekiel Elliott & hurry, harass, pressure, hit, slice, dice, mangle & sack Dak Prescott. We have to make him fear running the ball himself. That’s a tall order but the Redskins defense is talented and capable of doing so. I expect to see our Redskins defense cause turnovers and give our offense more time on the field, I also expect our offense to not go 3 and out and give the defense enough rest to keep “fresh legs” for four quarters.

    I have faith that our 2018 Redskins team has so much pride and the defense will want to show that they are better than the Cowboys defense. I believe the offensive players will give their all for quarterback Colt McCoy and they will score over 27 points. The offense will be less predictable since Jay Gruden can open up the playbook because Colt McCoy knows it after years of preparing to play if needed, Now, he will prove he is more than just a backup quarterback.

    What more can I say?

    This old fart wanted Colt McCoy to be the starter ever since Kirk Cousins went to Minnesota. Why? Because he knows the playbook & system so well. We’ll see some plays we have not seen before. Colt will pass and run the Washington Redskins to victory. He’ll take advantage of the opportunite he has now to lead the Redskins to the NFC East Championship by defeating the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving, the Giants on MNF, and the Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles over the next 3 games. Then the naysayers will be silenced and proven wrong.

    The 58 year old rivalry that goes back to 1960 says Redskins win it 31 to 20.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Hail, HTTR!

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