The Redskins loss Sunday was a new Team Beginning


Guys, the score of the game was hardly as relevant to me as the following:

With under 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Alex Smith suffered a horrific broken leg injury as two Texans sacked him. He was taken off field in a cart and a cast and taken to a hospital for immediate surgery. Alex and his family will need all the prayers that the Redskins fans can come up with, and then some.

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In a very physical, defensive football game, the visiting Houston Texans won their 7th straight game 23 to 21. Redskins quarterback Alex Smith had thrown two interceptions, one a pick 6. He had taken the Redskins offense to the red-zone. But instead of scoring 3 or 6 points, the pick 6 gave the Texans 7 more points which actually was a 10 to 14 points swing.

Head coach Jay Gruden told backup quarterback Colt McCoy it was his team now. Colt McCoy, a 9 year veteran from the University of Texas, has been in the Jay Gruden system for about 5 years and knows the playbook backwards and forwards. In my view, McCoy was more of a “starter -in-waiting than a “backup”.

The Colt McCoy offense came back with two touchdowns with about 12 minutes left in the game. Instead of being 17 to 7 when Alex Smith was injured, the score now was 21 to 20, the 1st time all season the Redskins had come from behind to lead. But there were 12 minutes left in the game.

The Texans regained the lead by kicking a field goal and the score was 23 to 20 with 7:30 left in the game. Between a tough Texans defense, penalties, obvious “no-calls” on the Texan defenders by the officials, and only 8 seconds left on the clock, the Redskins decided to try a 63 yard field goal against the wind and Dustin Hopkins field goal try was about 5 yards short, Game over. Texans won, 23 to 20.

Quarterback Colt McCoy was 6 for 12 for 54 yards passing with one touchdown and no interceptions and ran for 35 yards on 5 rushing attempts for a 7 yard average carry. I believe if he had 30 more seconds left in the game, he would have moved the offense closer for a reasonable field goal try and won the game, or even scored a touchdown.

In my view, this is a game the Washington Redskins should have won. However, there is not time to waste over “spilled milk” since the 6 and 4 Redskins travel to Texas for a Thanksgiving Day showdown with the 5 and 5 Dallas Cowboys.

The very last time Colt McCoy started a game it was against the Dallas Cowboys, a game in which he won. I am confident after seeing Colt McCoy’s performance vs the Houston Texans, he again will lead the Redskins to a victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

This Redskins @ Cowboys game Thanksgiving Day could decide the NFC East Division winner. I believe the Redskins will defeat the Cowboys and be 7 and 4 and two game up on the Cowboys with Dallas having to play the 9 and 1 New Orleans Saints their next game. A game I believe the Saints will win. HTTR.

Hail, HTTR!

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Hail, HTTR!

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