Week: 11: The Beast of the East says “The Gloves Come off Now”


When you’re 1st place in your division and your record is 6 and 3 there are a few things that come with the territory – you’re cocky, got swagger and attitude, you’re 7 foot tall and bulletproof. So what happens when both teams show up equally matched, equally motivated and ready to rumble? You guessed it, this will be a heavyweight title fight. Both teams have a stingy defense so expect it to get bloody in the trenches.

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The Washington Redskins will be home when they take on the Houston Texans who won their last six straight games. Houston traded with the Denver Broncos for wide receiver Demaryius Thomas who has a Super Bowl ring and been an All Pro five times. Our defensive coordinator will have to respect Demaryius Thomas and Pro Bowler wide receiver Andre Hopkins when he draws up his game plan. The Texans have Redskins D.J. Swearinger’s revenge statements for “bulletin board material.”

The Houston Texans defense has exceptional players like J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney just to name a couple. They can rush the passer and stop the run, too. All these facts mean the Washington Redskins need to bring their “A” game and not commit penalties. If head coach Jay Gruden wants to run the ball on this Texan defense, he will have to use 3 tight ends and a fullback.

Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is the 3rd best NFL quarterback in the red-zone, and that may be the Texan’s Kryptonite. If we can stop making the drive killing penalties & get in the red-zone so Smith can produce this will be a fair fight. The run game has to set up the pass, not the other way around. We need to break tackles for extra yardage and keep moving the chains, and be good enough on the ground so they don’t know when we’re going to pass.

The smart money says this one will be a low scoring, defensive battle – I predict the Redskins pull this one out by the score of 24 to 20. As of this date, Las Vegas has the total points under 44 and the Texans favored by a mere 2.5 or 3 points. One turnover can easily change that, as well as a pick 6 knockout punch.

It’s time for this 2018 Washington Redskins team to silence the doubters, pouters, and do-withouters by beating the Houston Texans and improving their record to 7 and 3. This victory will help their confidence when they take on archrival Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day in Texas. The Houston Texans defeated the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the season. HTTR.
Hail, HTTR!

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    5 thoughts on “Week: 11: The Beast of the East says “The Gloves Come off Now”

    1. This will by no doubt be a challenge for that midseason, rebuilt o line. I hope i’m wrong but i see major mismatches for our o line vs Texans defense front. HTTR!!

    2. Yes Dana Venson and no more wasting all 3 of our timeouts in with 9 minutes left in the 3rd qtr and having nothing incase we need to use them in the final minute to win the game. Time Management is critical, Get the play in quicker.

    3. Now This Sounds Like A Plan!!! Especially If They Could Better Managed Their Time.. LET’S HOPE SO WE NEED A WIN

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