Redskins at the Buccaneers: An Ugly Win But A Win Nonetheless


Just So You Know:
The Redskins are 6 & 0 when they score first, and 0 & 3 when the other team scores first. So when Redskins cornerback Josh Norman intercepted Fitzpatrick on the Bucs first drive, and the Skins scored first by a Destin Hopkins field goal, I knew we probably had the Bucs licked…

For the 1st time since 2010 our record is 6 and 3, and the Washington Redskins are now 1st in the NFC East by 2 games!

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To sum the game up, our Washington Redskins went on the road & beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 to 3. The Bucs made five trips to the red-zone, and ended up with only 3 points for their efforts the whole game. That was the good news, and now the bad news: The Redskins only won because the Bucs missed 2 field goals & turned the ball over 4 times, including 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles. What helped is the Skins also sacked the Bucs quarterback 3 times.

It Wasn’t Pretty But It Worked

  • The Bucs made 501 total yards, the Skins made 286.
  • The Bucs made 29 first downs, the Skins made 15.
  • The Bucs made 7.5 Yards per Play, the Skins made 5.2.
  • The Bucs had 22 Passing 1st downs, the Skins had 7.
  • The Bucs had 60% 3rd down conversions, the Skins had 38%.
    How did the Redskins win if the Bucs had better statistics? Turnovers! Inside the 20 yard line, the Redskins kept the Bucs out of the endzone. The Bucs field goal kicker only made 1 of 3 field goal attempts. In the contest, the Redskins caused 4 turnovers and the Bucs only scored 3 points in the game.

    The O-line Did Fine
    The Redskins offensive line consisted of a substitute at left tackle, a right tackle with a sore knee, new right guard and left guard signed earlier in the week. Considering this game was their 1st game to play together, they did a remarkable job. We gave up a couple os sack but they gave up three, so credit offensive line guru Bill Callahan for a fantastic job with 3 new Redskins players.

    Penalties Hurt Us
    Again, the Redskins committed too many penalties. The 8 penalties were drive killers and punter Tress Way had to punt 5 times, but he averaged 50 yards a punt. One penalty called on Morgan Moses for holding was a horrible, bad call. Moses did not commit the penalty.

    The Passing Game
    The game’s only touchdown came when Redskins quarterback Alex Smith kept the play alive and threw a bullet pass leaving a vapor trail to wide receiver Josh Doctson who was dashing across the back of the endzone. Although quarterback Smith overthrew tight end Vernon Davis who was wide open deep, Smith managed the game very well and took care of the football. He had no interceptions and was working behind a practically new and untested offensive line. Smith also ran the ball himself twice for 16 yards, not too shabby.

  • Doctson caught 4 passes for 46 yards
  • Maurice “Mo” Harris caught 5 passes for 52 yards
  • Tight end Jordan Reed caught 4 passes for 51 yards
    Scoring Issues
    Many Redskins fans are unhappy with the fact the Redskins offense is not scoring more points per game.
    Averaging 20 points a game isn’t a recipe for a champion team. Having said that, once receiver Jamison Crowder and running-back Chris Thompson return from injuries, the Redskins will score more points.
    Bottom line: When the offense stops committing bonehead penalties tht kill their drives we’ll score more points.

    Moving Forward
    I still think head coach Jay Gruden needs to have a fullback in the backfield to block for Adrian Peterson & Kapri Bibbs, and to protect quarterback Alex Smith on pass plays.

    Expect the Redskins wto continue to improve on both sides of the ball – when that happens the scoring will take care of itself.

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