Week 9 Falcons @ Redskins: “If You’re ‘Skeered, Say You’re ‘Skeered”


Could the Atlanta Falcons fly into Fed-Ex Field and beat our Redskins Sunday? Possibly, and an asteroid could wipe out Disneyland or the Pope could convert to Islam this weekend too, but I seriously doubt we need to worry about any of that.

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The Atlanta Falcons are coming off their bye-week, so they’re either hung over or prepared to do battle with our Washington Redskins. However – in Week 7 the Falcons barely beat the N.Y. Giants 23 to 20. In Game 6, the Falcons edged the Bucs of Tampa Bay by 34 to 29. In Game 5, the Falcons were beaten badly by the Pittsburgh Steelers by the score of 41 to 17. Their record is 3 and 4.

The Falcons are not the ’85 Bears. The Redskins will whoop those Dirty Birds like red-headed step children if our “D” plays like they did the last 3 games. If we pressure Matt Ryan the entire game the Skins will win the game – period, end of story. The Falcons can’t run on us, so they’ll be forced to load up on pass plays.

The key to beating the Falcons will be to keep their QB from executing his progressions & pressure him into interceptions & incomplete passes. If the defense can’t get to Matt Ryan he’ll pick us apart. Simply put, the Redskins defense will decide the game.

The Falcons have two backup guards on the offensive line which could be key. Guards Schweitzer and Garland replaced the two injured starting guards Fusco and Levitre.

I bet our ‘Alabama Wall’ and the rest of the front 7 will make it a nightmare for Matt Ryan and he’ll not be able to connect with Julio Jones & other Falcon receivers. Their offensive line, especially the two new guards will be taken to school by our interior defensive line which will lead to sacks and interceptions. Their offensive line and the Redskins defensive line will mean a victory for the Redskins if the Redskins offense can score over 24 points and have long, time consuming drives to keep the defense with fresh legs.

The Redskins offense should rack up at least 24 points & win the time-of-possession by running the football mixed with passes to tight ends Jordan Reed & Vernon Davis, as well as to Chris Thompson on 3rd downs. Look for Adrian Peterson to rush over 100 yards.

If head coach Jay Gruden will study the film on the Pittsburgh-Atlanta game in game 5, he and his coaching team should see how to beat the Falcons. “Winning is a habit” said famous coach Vince Lombardi and I do not see a “let down” by the Redskins defense who are on a mission to be the best defense in the NFL. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has zero interceptions thru far, but I expect him to throw at least two interceptions because of the pressure. Look for our Redskins to sack Ryan at least 5 times.

The Falcons are not exactly “road warriors” like the Redskins are – come Monday they should resemble “Road Kill”. The Falcons are 0 & 2 on the road, soon to be 0 & 3. I suggest you bet on the Redskins and take the money from the doubters, pouters, and do-withouters with the “stinking thinking” about our 2018 Redskins. Skins 34 to Falcons 20. HTTR.

Hail, HTTR!

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