Road Warrior Redskins™ Has a Nice Ring to it, Don’t You Think?


The Redskins proved they have a top defense by sacking Giants quarterback 7 times and intercepted him twice! The Giants running game? …almost non-existent with only 37 yards total! The lone Giants touchdown came after the game was decided with very little time left to play; we were leading 20 to 6 until the game was almost over. In all it was an excellent job by the entire defense.

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The Road Warrior Redskins™ handily defeated their NFC East rival New York Giants by the score of 20 to 13. The frosting on the cake was two-fold:

  • The Giants loss denied them their 100th victory over the Redskins
  • The Redskins new record of 5 and 2 reaffirms the “Beast of the East” title in the NFC East Division.

    Individual Efforts:
    Field goal kicker Dustin Hopkins made 2 of 3 field goals and Adrian Peterson score a receiving touchdown and 64 yard rushing touchdown to make the score 20 to 6. Peterson rushed for 149 yards.

    Redskins quarterback Alex Smith took care of the football as he always does and completed 20 of 32 passes for 178 yards, one touchdown, and zero interceptions. His receivers dropped several well thrown balls.

    Josh Doctson had a decent game with 5 catches for 49 yards. Jordan Reed had 7 catches for 38 yards. Vernon Davis had a big catch for 21 yards. Paul Richardson, playing hurt, had 2 catches for 34 yards.”Mo” Harris had 2 catches for 20 yards.

    Special kudos go out to the Skins “D” for the 7 quarterback sacks on Eli “turf munching” Manning™ (lol) and both interceptions he had to suffer – that alone proves it was a great team effort.

    Some Revealing Statistics:
    The Redskins rushed for 182 yards to the Giants mere 37. This run defense held great running back S, Barkley to only 38 yards. D.J. Swearinger had 2 interceptions and is playing at an all-pro level along with the front 7.

    Our Redskins won the time-of-possession battle by controlling the football 33:38 to the Giants 26:22 by rushing the ball 33 times. The Redskins turned the ball over once and the Giants turned the ball over twice. The 3rd down percentage ratio was Redskins 40:00 and the Giants a mere 14:29.

    Playing Through the Pain:
    Kudos to Trent Williams who played with a badly sprained thumb and Morgan Moses who had an injured arm. Paul Richardson played hurt with ribs and a shoulder pain. Brandon Scherff played great with a bad knee. When Adrian Peterson broke it for the 64 yard rushing touchdown, the blocks came from injured right guard Brandon Scherff and center Chase Roullier.

    Problems to Solve in Practice:
    The Redskins offense needs to work on making less penalties because several times, they had 3rd and 1 yard to gain and a penalty made it 3rd & 6 or 3rd & 11 – once on 2nd & 1, another penalty. Our receivers need to figure out how to hang on to the ball; dropped balls likely cost us some points this week. These are all drive killers and need to be addressed by the individual assistant coaches.

    Next Week:
    We face the Atlanta Falcons next week. The Dirty Birds know how to score points, so the Redskins offense must score even more points if they want to be 6 and 2 halfway through the season. Only 3 points in the 3rd quarter will not cut it. It was nice to have running back Chris Thompson back and hopefully slot receiver Jamison Crowder will be back soon to have more weapons.

    Great win vs the NY Giants, Two and Zero in the division! HTTR.

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    Hail, HTTR!

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    1. @Are Cammarata – Yes, the defense played like a TOP NFL defense limiting the great runner Barkley to only 38 yards. In fact, we probably will move up a notch later this week. Thank you for your comment!

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