Week 7 Prognostications: Dallas @ Washington


It’s Dallas Week! …If you listen hard you’ll hear the sound of war drums on the Potomac, because the Cowboys are coming to town Sunday. This division rivalry has been going on ever since the Dallas Cowboys entered the league in 1960 – …any Redskins fan who doesn’t get excited about the Skins stomping a mudhole into the Cowboys needs to check his pulse!

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In the 2017 regular season, our Washington Redskins suffered crippling injuries on both sides of the ball and the Cowboys swept the Redskins. It is time for payback. The Cowboys defense is ranked very highly, but bear in mind our Redskins defense held the explosive Carolina Panthers to under 20 points last game and also ranked highly.

    Keys to Victory

Don’t let Dak Prescott out of the pocket and pressure him all four quarters. A few good sacks by our pass rushers would make him make mistakes and keep him from running the ball himself. Defense must stop Ezekiel Elliott from having a big rushing day. Jailbreaking pass rushing by the Redskins defense should keep Dak from completing big play passes to his receivers. When he has to check down, our linebackers should be able to keep the play only gaining minimum yardage.

    Protection, Protection, Protection

The offensive line of the Redskins must protect quarterback Alex Smith and if they do so, the Redskins will be victorious. Not only pass protection is imperative, but also good blocking by the o-line and receivers will give Adrian Peterson a chance for another 100 plus yard day rushing the football.

    Halftime Adjustments are Critical

Our head coach Jay Gruden has to play to win, not to lose. Redskins have only scored 3 offensive points total all of the last 5 games in the 3rd quarter, Yes, only 3 points total in the 3rd quarter which means the Redskins are not making halftime adjustments that are successful. That must change against the Dallas Cowboys this game.

My prediction is Redskins 34, Cowboys 20. (that’s my story & I’m sticking to it, lol)

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