Lions Earn The Win, But Redskins Earn Respect


NFL football is definitely a 60 minute game, Unfortunately for our Washington Redskins the last minute of the game turned the victory into a loss.  In his 100th game Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford saw Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins fool the Lions defense with a read-option keeper and run 19 yards for a touchdown. That gave the Redskins a 4 point lead with only a minute left in the game. Stafford lead his team downfield like a veteran quarterback and  hit receiver Anquan Boldin for an 18-yard touchdown with 16 seconds left, giving the Lions a 20-17 win.

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Our Washington Redskins simply beat themselves by committing turnovers.  One Matt Jones fumble that went into the endzone stopped a good drive that probably would have ended in a score. Jones fumble again later and quarterback Kirk Cousins was hit and fumbled once also. Our defense did not force any turnovers and the ball seemed to bounce to the Lions again and again. In such close defensive battle, mistakes make a difference in a “W” and a “L”.

The loss overshadowed a good performance by Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who actually grew up in Michigan as a Detroit Lions fan, and was successful as a quarterback at Michigan State.  Cousins was 30 of 39 passes, over 300 yards with a touchdown pass and a 19 yard touchdown run and zero interceptions. Kirk’s touchdown pass was to Robert Kelley, his first NFL touchdown. Of course, there was this one special play by the QB of the reigning NFC East Division champs:

It is easy to be a “Monday morning quarterback” with perfect hindsight.  We can blame the loss on two Matt Jones fumbles, or soft coverage on the final minute winning Lions drive. Anyway you look at it, the mistakes cost the Redskins a victory at Ford’s Stadium vs the Lions. I was impressed with both defenses except for the final winning drive by Stafford.I think defensive coordinator Joe Barry should have attacked more and not play “soft”.  

Injuries probably made Stafford’s pass completions possible since both our starting cornerbacks were out with injuries.  Our team fought hard and did overcome the fumbles and penalties and a missed field-goal to take the lead with a minute left.  However, it IS a 60 minute game.  Both teams are now 4 and 3. It should be noted that the Detroit Lions have been close in all 7 games, Eliminate a penalty here and a dropped pass there, they could be better than 4 and 3.

It’s time to shake off the disappointing loss to the Lions and prepare for a short week, travelling to London, England for an October 30th date with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jay Gruden’s former team. He was the offensive coordinator there and took them to the playoffs 3 consecutive years. Our Redskins may be playing without some starters like great cornerback Josh Norman who will be under concussion protocol and may not be cleared to play.  The game will be televised at 9:30 a.m. EST.

A victory over the Cincinnati Bengals will put us at 5 and 3 for the first half of the season with a BYE coming next. Good time to heal up and get ready for the 2nd half of the season. 10 and 6 will probably win the division. NFC East is strong again, not the NFC Least as described by some last season. All four NFC East teams have winning records now. I predict the Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the Dallas Cowboys in game 8 putting both teams at 5 and 2 and us at 5 and 3. Lots of good Redskins football left and no reason to panic.

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