Redskins Rough Up Ravens, But There’s Still Work To Do


The Baltimore Ravens fired their offensive coordinator after losing to the Washington Redskins, their 2nd straight loss.  Our 3 and 2 Washington Redskins are back in the mix and a victory next game at home versus the Philadelphia Eagles will put us at 4 and 2, 2 and 1 in the NFC East Division. That said, for us be competitive in the division we have to get back to the basics – 21 pass plays to 8 rushing plays in the first half shows room for improvement.

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Our Washington Redskins won a physical, defensive game in windy Baltimore, and it was a step on the right direction.  No one can say that the Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins have not beaten a team with a winning record now.  The Baltimore Ravens are consistently a team with a winning record and usually in the playoffs.  The Ravens are known for being a tough, physical, strong defensive team who has won two Super Bowls and been in the playoff 10 times in the last 15 years.

The Redskins defense and defensive coordinator Joe Barry has been criticized the last four games because of poor tackling, failing to stop teams on 3rd downs more than half the time, giving up way too many rushing yards, and lack of consistent pressure on the other team’s quarterback.  About the only thing positive about the defense the previous 4 games was they did force fumbles and got some interceptions saving 2 games.

However, the Joe Barry defense that played against the Baltimore Ravens stopped the Ravens on 3rd down 12 of 15 times. Except for a few good runs, they did not let the Ravens running-game win the day.  The tackling and pass-rush was obviously improved. Nose-tackle Ziggy Hood caused Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to hurry and not get comfortable.  Hood pushed their center back into Flacco often and Flacco had no room to step up i the pocket. Chris Baker and Ryan Kerrigan applied constant pressure on Flacco. Our secondary covered their receivers very well. Nobody could criticize the play of the Redskins defense.

Even the right side of the Redskins offense played defense when they had to. Kirk Cousins had thrown an interception inside the 15 to Ravens C.J. Mosley who was running for a touchdown, “pick 6”, when right guard Ty Nsekhe and right tackle Brandon Scherff went after Mosley and just before scoring, Ty Nsekhe laid a big paw on him and caused him to lose control of the ball and it changed a would be touchdown into a Redskins 1st down. The Redskins got a field-goal on the drive so it was actually a 10 point swing for the Redskins. Redskins were finally in the lead at 13 to 10 at the time,

Although the windy day game was low scoring there were some exciting plays, once again proving that football is a game of inches.  A Ravens touchdown was reversed to an incomplete pass when the replay showed the receiver only had one foot in bounds and the other foot landing inches out of bounds.  Jamison Crowder sparked the Redskins with an 85 yard punt touchdown. The several sacks by the Redskins defense were fan favorite plays.  

Cousins saved yardage by recovering a bad snap and throwing it in the direction of DeSean Jackson before being smothered and covered like waffle house hashbrowns by the Ravens pass-rush. Having said that, some of Kirk’s passes were almost “picture perfect”. His touchdown touch pass to Pierre Garcon was a thing of beauty that almost left vapor trails.

A Final Observation:
Although the strong swirling wind probably affected offensive coordinator Sean McVay deep passing plays, I feel his play-calling was acceptable. In our three straight wins, McVay has been up high in the coaches booth. McVey could see the entire field and not have to yell over the crowd noise to quarterback Kirk Cousins or be bothered with sideline distractions. Perhaps he should stay up there for a bird’s eye view.

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