Game Three Postgame: Redskins over Giants 29 to 27

I hate to say “I told you so” but……. lol

That of course was Skip Bayless and Shannon on the “Undisputed” show before the Giants and Redskins met for battle in Week 3. I love the confidence that Skip showed in the team, and thought you might enjoy savoring that moment with me.

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The Bottom Line:
Our Washington Redskins edged  the favored New York Giants on the road winning by two points.  The good news is that our team in still in the mix and 1 and 1 in the NFC East Division. Our team fought hard and there was no lack of effort and dedication.

I am not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater, nor do I “hate” on our General Manager, coaches, and team during the regular season.  When I “criticize” it is constructive criticism.  At 0 and 2, the unqualified, dishonest media and some band-wagoner fans pointed fingers and posted some hateful posts believing we would be 0 and 3 after losing to the NY Giants who were at home and 2 and 0.  I am “old school,but no young fool.”

Some ignorant people even criticized our draft picks and General Manager Scot McCloughan.  All his picks in the 2015 and 2016 NFL Draft are excellent. He cannot control injuries. He is the best at evaluating talent and picking the right “football players” for our team.

Where We Stand Now:
I know there are 16 games in the season and it was way too soon to write off the Washington Redskins with all the talent and character our team has.  Our Redskins can beat ANY team in the NFL if we do not beat ourselves and underachieve as we did in games one and two.

The Eagles are not better than we are and they whipped the Steelers with a dominating performance by their defense and a good managed, well coached offense who did not shoot themselves in the foot. We could have done the same and we gave away the game to the Cowboys, so we could be 3 and 0 now. After we beat Cleveland next game, we will be 2 an 2 for the 1st quarter of the 2016 NFL regular season. Now, here is the next goal after beating Cleveland.

We need to win all four of the games in the 2nd quarter of our season, We play the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles division game, Detroit Lions, and Cincinnati Bengals.  As I said earlier, we can beat any NFL team and when we beat those four our record will be 6 and 2 halfway through the season and probably in 1st place in our division.

Coaching Considerations:
The correct, logical thing to do when you are 0 and 2 or 1 and 2 as we are now is to evaluate the players performance and the coaches play-calling by watching the film and correcting the things that need correcting. Here is my constructive suggestions. We must deal with our injuries by making sure the next man up knows his playbook, practices situational football, knows his position.  At this time we have injuries to our Offensive line with Kory Lichtensteiger, Shawn Lauvao, center and left tackle. Bill Callahan will make the best adjustments.

On defense, nose-tackle Kedric Golston is on Injured Reserve and  DeAngelo Hall, Bashaud Breeland both injured in the win over the Giants. I feel Defensive Coach Joe Barry must address the ability of other teams runners to run on our defense usually up the middle. I noticed Chris Baker and Ricky Jean Francois showing some frustration with Coach Barry on the sideline during the game. So, we must fix the lack of stopping the run. We did run the ball more vs the Giants as opposed to 78 percent passing in first two games. Must get our run-game better which falls on the effectiveness of the offensive line.

I Hate to Say It But…
We could have done better.

Mental mistakes like being caught with 12 men on the field and not calling a time out and spiking the ball which left only 6 seconds to score with and the end result was no points, not even a field-goal.  Having said what I said about running the ball more, on 3rd down and 3, I felt we should have thrown the ball there to get a much needed 1st down which would have kept the Giants having last chance to win. We could have run out the clock. We ran 7 of 8 plays on that drive, failed to get the 1st down by running against a strong Giants front seven defense.

I do feel we have enough practice time and can fix these issues before we play a good team in the Baltimore Ravens. So I am still confident about our 2016 Redskins and expect Kirk Cousins to get his accuracy back and stop miss seeing open receivers as much. We still have the best wide receiving and tight end corps in the NFL and should average over 32 points a game. I feel Coaches Jay Gruden and Sean McVay need to have a 60-40 run pass ratio and use “two tight-end set formations” as Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed combo is deadly in a lot of ways.

The Redskins Defense:
Our defense has the potential to be a top defense but needs some adjustments by Coach Barry. David Bruton and Josh Norman as two of the best in the NFL. So the talent is there, and our team still believes they can match up with any team. Beat Cleveland and get back to being positive and winning games. Defense will need to stop the run better.  Cleveland cannot be underestimated, One game at a time, our Redskins will get it together and win the NFC East and be in the Playoffs.  
Hail, HTTR!

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