Tailgate Post-Game: Redskins vs Cowboys – Week 2


As a die-hard Washington Redskins fan and sportswriter, I really hate to write an article after a loss, especially after losing our first two regular season games and being 0 and 2.  I really hate losing to what I see as an inferior team as we did against the Cowboys. I know our team has the potential be the highest scoring team in the NFL. We simply underachieved in both our loses on both sides of the ball.

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We all saw the game or at least the highlights, or lowlights.  Our quarterback Kirk Cousins had DeSean Jackson open several times,  Jamison Crowder deep also. Kirk seems to be trying too hard and pressing, We all know he is more accurate than he has been in the first two games. It is what it is, and I can point out ever thing we did to beat ourselves.  Kirk’s red-zone interception stopped a winning drive.  However, when I broke the play down frame by frame, the defender made a great play on the ball and the ball really was not a bad pass to Pierre Garcon. All quarterbacks throw interceptions.

There are positives we can take from the game. I am sure the coaches will see the mistakes, missed tackles, bad blocks, penalties and get our team ready for the New York Giants.  The season is early and no reason to panic,  Our guys have the talent and desire to WIN. We have a team full of winners, talented players.  Our veteran leaders will never be happy about losing and they have pride. They came to the Redskins to be a part of a championship team.

Veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson has already stepped up along with Pierre Garcon, Josh Norman, others. Jackson said. “There’s a lot of veterans in this locker room, there’s a lot of guys that want this … So we’re going to try and answer for it, correct it, face it, come back to practice next week starting Tuesday.” In my opinion, DeSean Jackson is the best or one of the top wide receivers in the NFL.  Pierre Garcon is clutch.  Josh Doctson will be also with more game experience and practice.  Jamison Crowder gives us the slot receiver we need. Kirk Cousins has the weapons and he will settle down, stop pressing, and we saw him get it together a few times in the loss.

I am not one to make excuses for the players, so I won’t. Injuries don’t stop a championship team, no exceptions.  

Next man up has to get the job done. I am betting on our guys to beat the NY Giants.  Josh Norman said “I’m best when the back’s against the wall — during crunch time,” and at 0 and 2, it is crunch time!  The Cowboys almost beat the Giants, and so did the New Orleans Saints.  Although their record is 2 and 0, they escaped with those wins and did not dominate either team. In fact, they blocked a field-goal for a touchdown. Our guys play up to their potential, we win. I see our team as a big block engine, a 454, powerful, but not hitting on all 8 cylinders yet, and need to get the timing light on it to get it running right. A win over the Giants will put us back on track, win a road-game and beat a team with a winning record all at the same time.

Time to move on from the disappointing losses and get prepared for the NY Giants. Our defense has to stop the run and cover Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz, and Sterling Shepard. We cannot put it all on Kirk Cousins arm, We must run the ball successfully to keep Eli Manning off the field and control the time-of-possession. Head-coach Jay Gruden and Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay need to game plan better. Defensive coordinator Joe Barry needs to blitz more and players need to execute better. I believe in the 2016 Washington Redskins and still believe our team will win the NFC East Division and be in the playoffs again.

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