Super Redskins Fan ‘Chief Zee’ May Be Gone, But Not Forgotten


Sometimes the kindest gift life has left to offer a man is to let him die peaceably in his sleep – and so it was for Zema Williams, AKA Chief Zee on July 18, 2016.

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Virtually ALL of Redskins Nation knew who Chief Zee was, as he attended nearly every home game since 1978 in his Indian headdress warbonnet, carrying a little rubber tomahawk. He was a gifted motivator who could incite all the fans both young and old alike with his special antics and presence.  This quiet unassuming man was many things – a cheerleader, a Christian, a good hearted loyal ‘day in, day out’ Washington Redskins fan who loved life and everybody he came across while living it. He always said “God Bless” to those people he had conversations with. He shared many memories and experiences he shared with younger fans he knew like Denise AKA Mrs Capt Kirk, local radio personality and sports analyst who informed me of Williams passing.

He was sometimes seen play-fighting with Crazy Ray, dressed up as a Dallas Cowboy mascot. Often Ray pretended to “draw down” his cowboy pistol on Chief Zee, who proceeded to assault Crazy Ray with his rubber tomahawk to the entertainment of both Redskins and Cowboys fans.  Chief Zee went out of his way to respect fans of all NFL teams and he will be missed by tens of thousands of fans, not just by the Redskins Nation.

A few of his many accomplishments:

  • Williams was known far and wide as the Washington Redskins greatest “Superfan”
  • Mayor of Washington D.C. Marion Barry declared November 7th of 1985, “CHIEF ZEE DAY”
  • Williams received other honors and recognition, including when Virginia’s Fairfax County gave him a “Key to the city”
  • In 2000, Chief Zee was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to represent our Washington Redskins as its greatest fan, when one fan from each NFL team was selected and placed in an exhibit in Canton, Ohio.
    Tragically, in 1983, Chief Zee was attacked by cowardly young thugs in Philadelphia, Pa. after our Redskins beat their Eagles.  They beat the helpless man savagely – breaking his leg and knocking his eye loose from its socket, while they tore off his Indian costume in the parking lot full of people.  They were never caught and prosecuted since none of the Eagle fans gave any information to the police. After a lawsuit, the Eagles officials invited him back the following year to an Eagles vs Redskins game. He was quoted as saying:

    “They gave me the VIP treatment: drove me to the game and put me in the box seats. A senior citizen woman came up to me and said that “I had a lot of nerve coming there and they had mugged a man dressed like me last year”, and she threw a drink in my face.”

    It was the last time Williams ever went to another game vs the Eagles in Philadelphia.  They also attacked the elderly men known as the Hogettes in the infamous 700 level of Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia and neither the morally bankrupt Eagle fans who witnessed it nor the Veterans Stadium security did anything to stop the vicious attacks.

    On RevT’s Sports Revival broadcast Tuesday night RevT, DMV Kell and call-in guests paid their respects and remembered Zema Williams, Chief Zee. RevT has known Williams for many years and they were close friends.  They gave him a “moment of silence” and played HAIL TO THE REDSKINS in his honor. R.I.P. Zema Williams, Chief Zee. We know you are with Jesus and looking up all the Washington Redskins fans, coaches, and players who have passed away the last almost 90 years.

    We miss you Chief Zee.

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