Hmmm… Do Lady Redskins Fans Still Matter in 2016?


Let’s start out today with a bit of NFL trivia, something that the NFL is aware of but doesn’t act like it. Can you guess what headline Bloomberg Businessweek ran just two seasons ago?

Here it is: “The NFL Is Growing Only Because of Women”

You see, at issue were the many controversy’s surrounding the NFL’s string of image-wrecking missteps, many of which might alienate women, and this important fact:
The NFL’s future depends on female fans.

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Now, consider this interesting tidbit, also from the Bloomberg article:

No matter how you measure it, female viewership has grown much faster than male viewership in the past several years. Conventional wisdom suggests that every man who could be a football fan already is. The NFL has squeezed everything it can from that segment of the population.

My personal belief is that female Redskins fans are infinitely more “squeezable” (Lol) than the mixed breed mutts (ouch) we see supporting the other 31 teams.

Having said that, I’m proud to introduce Linda “LadyRedskins” Burton on LADY REDSKINS PULPIT. As I’m fond of saying, for every two Washington Redskins fans in this Redskins Nation one of them is a woman. Often the girls are ignored by the male fans, but what she has to say or think is the hidden secret in football fan-dom. Let’s introduce a fabulous lady and a great Washington Redskins fan. Let’s hear what she has to say.

Linda ‘LadyRedskins’ Burton, the pulpit is all yours!


Linda Burton

“Been quite a while but LadyRedSkins back here. The past few years until last year have been atrocious. The quarterback situation has finally been settled and I feel Kirk Cousins is our man for a number of years. He is still somewhat “green” but no one can deny the improvement and accomplishment he has risen and will continue to rise. Our beloved Redskins have cut players for good reason and signed other players for their beneficial talents that will help Cousins and our team to excel at what they can and will do best WIN!!

We first have to believe and have all confidence in our quarterback and he is Cousins. I cannot tell you the way I have felt since he was drafted, same year as RGIII and taking nothing from RGIII as he gave us a tremendous year. Cousins just had that certain gut feeling by me when he was drafted, he would be our quarterback for many years and feel the Redskins will appreciate what he has to give to our beloved team. A football team is about teamwork and not just one player but with what Scot McCloughan has done and is doing the chemistry is there and will work to bring the Redskins back to where they belong CHAMPIONS!!

The other half of the equation is players who truly love and believe and our beloved Redskins! I feel that this is a requirement of playing and being a member of our team. This has been a requirement of previous Redskins teams and it has been shown with previous coaches as Vince Lombardi, George Allen and Joe Gibbs our guru coach. Since Joe Gibbs retired and even his comeback it has been a carousel of coaches which teams do go through. I feel without going into it, one coach was wrongly fired but it is past history and cannot be changed.

I am looking forward to this season with total optimism and love as I do each year but more importantly, my loyalty to a team that I love dearly, always have and always will!!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS BABY FOREVER AND ALWAYS FROM THE ONE AND ONLY LADYREDSKINS!!!!!”

Linda ‘LadyRedSkins’ Burton

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Thank you Linda for that powerful testimony. I will feature another lady Redskins fan who has been a true, loyal, all-weather Washington Redskins fan here on

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