Bon Secours Training Center, a Washington Redskins Tradition


What we Washington Redskins know as “Training Camp” in Richmond, Virginia is actually named ‘Bon Secours Training Center’.  Bon Secours name means “good health” and in 1888, the Catholic “Sisters”, aka Nuns expanded their superior health care to the United States. They were founded in Paris, France and Irish Catholic Sisters provided the best Bon Secours health care at the time.  Many hospitals and care centers are in the modern day hospital organization.  It is heartwarming to know the name of our Training Camp means good health and it’s a special name.

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As of right now, our Washington Redskins are on break to spend time with their families before the long grind of the football season.  I feel our players have the self-discipline to carefully stay in shape during this time and will report to camp in good condition.  NFL requires medical staff be at every training-camp practice since 2001 when Vikings player Korey Stringer died from heat stroke and dehydration and probably excessive “two-a-days” workouts. Also, every team must have an ambulance at every practice.  After all, training camps are held in the middle of the summer.

The Washington Redskins, in partnership with the City of Richmond, Bon Secours Virginia Health System, and the Virginia Governor’s Office, announced their 2016 training camp schedule, set to take place at the world-class Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center from July 28th through August 14th in Richmond, Va. The schedule features a total of 22 public on-field sessions available to fans, free of charge. Fan Appreciation Day is on Saturday, August 13th. Some teams charge their fans but our Washington Redskins do not.  Fans get to get autographs and buy merchandise on sale.

Many of us fans are confident and optimistic about our 2016 Washington Redskins team.  OTA’s and Minicamps showed that our team is loaded with great talent and potential on all three phases of the game.  Hopefully this season, our team will start off in “good health”.

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