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Yes, I know its early – not even the final 53 cut, not even August and I should wait to say all this but I’m “feeling the spirit, have to preach, gimme that soapbox”. I am loosing my tie, throwing off my coat! Get me a witness! Tired of reading NFL articles about how great the Dallas Cowboys are because Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are healthy and them picking their pets, Cowboys and/or Giants to win the NFC East and criticize our Redskins if our team is even mentioned.

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Several close Redskins friends have asked me why I am so optimistic and so positive that the Redskins Defense will be a Top Defense in the NFL in 2016. Our General Manger Scot McCloughan and President Bruce Allen have built this team through the draft as Scot McCloughan did with the 49ers and Seahawks. You will see our 2016 Redskins Defense very similar to those Super Bowl team’s defenses.

We all know it’s a team sport, and the defense is successful IF the secondary and pass-rush are in sync when defending against the pass. If the pass-rush does not get to the opposing quarterback fast enough, their quarterback has time to go through his progressions and find an open target. Any NFL quarterback can pick a team apart if he is not pressured, hit, sacked, intimidated, afraid. So the pass-rush is important and our Redskins have one HAIL-uva, jail-breaking, speedy, powerful, intimidating, scary pass-rush with Ryan Kerrigan, Junior Galette, Preston Smith, Trent Murphy, and others (blitzing safety,rush 7, etc. So we are good there.

Secondly, secondary, the base is two corners and two safeties. It is NOT just my opinion, NOW HEAR THIS. IF the defensive backs have the receivers all covered so nobody is “open”, the enemy quarterback has to hold onto the ball longer because he doesn’t want to try to force it and throw an interception, so great defensive back play, (safety and corner) helps our pass-rush and gives them the extra second to make sacks and pressure the quarterback, or hit him and strike fear and make him uncomfortable, Imagine a fierce Burgundy and Gold wall coming at you all by yourself back there.

Our defensive backs are in my view the best. Pro Football Focus has ranked ALL 32 team’s cornerback tandems. Our Redskins are ranked 3rd in the NFL barely behind SB Champs Denver and NFC West Champs and playoff team Arizona Cardinals. THIRD FOLKS! I think we are NUMBER ONE. but THIRD of 32 is good, objective, and by non-biased experts. the Redskins trio of Josh Norman, Bashaud Breeland, and Quinton Dunbar plus others provide our elite cornerback positions. Our safety, strong and free safety positions are also elite – David Brudon, all pro from SB winning Broncos defense and our own DeAngelo Hall, Duke Ihenacho, Will Blackmon, plus other defensive backs still on the roster.

HEY, we GOT THIS. Look for our defense to DOMINATE, get more turnovers,(forced fumbles, sacks, pressure, hits, knockdowns, INTERCEPTIONS) and stop the other teams running and passing attacks. 3 and OUT, ball back to Kirk Cousins and our Offense, That’s not to mention Su’a Cravens, Ziggy Hood, Steven Paea, Ricky Jean-Francois, others. We’re confident, physical, smart, and potentially a TOP defense in the NFL!

Steven Bowen’s retirement speech was REAL, from his heart, said our 2016 Redskins Defense will “DOMINATE, they good every position.” He believes it and I believe it and Rev T’s Sports Revival believes it and our 2016 Redskins team believes it. So when you read the NFL media “wanna be experts” picking Dallas and Giants to win the NFC East, you can know for sure, “they have a rude awakening coming! Giants and Cowboys and Eagles are crusin’ for a brusin’, & achin’ for a breakin’ because our team shall DOMINATE.

Plus, we have the most explosive offense lead by Kirk Cousins with the best tight-end duo in Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed, plus deep threat DeSean Jackson and great clutch receiver Pierre Gargon, plus a bigger, stronger, and better O-line, Jamison Crowder, Rashad Ross, Ryan Grant, plus healthy runningbacks Matt Jones and Keith Marshall (4.29 in the 40) and run and catch. Kirk Cousins will again be better than Eli Manning and Tony Romo. HAIL YES I am confident, excited, ready to see out team whup them Squealers on Monday Night Football, our opener, then dominate the Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants next two games and go 3 and 0! That will silence the naysayers, doubters, pouters, do-without-ers, haters, and prove the Redskins are the best team.

Hey, it’s time to wear that B & G proudly and UNITE. Get an ATTITUDE, we are sick and tired of being snubbed by the NFL and their writers! We earned respect in 2012 and in 2015 and won the NFC East both times and will win it again in 2016. UNITE, and know our team in 2016 will make us proud of our name, logo, our colors, and almost 9 decades of proud heritage in the NFL. Our Redskins are not backing down against any team. We match up with ANY team. The old RFK spirit is ALIVE. George Allen and Vince Lombardi and Sean Taylor are all smiling and cannot wait to see us DOMINATE the NFL. REDSKINS ON THE WARPATH. HAIL HTTR.

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    Hail, HTTR!

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