Does Chef Scot McCloughan Have The Recipe For Success?


The description of a Master Chef, or “Chef de Cuisine” if you prefer is the person in charge of all activities related to the restaurant kitchen including menu creation, management of kitchen staff, ordering and purchasing of inventory, and even plating design.

Oh yeah, and that includes recipes.

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In April Scott marinated, dredged, sauteed, and simmered up one heck of a draft. After the draft Scott knew the right temperature to bring the best available free agents to a the proper boil. Later it’ll take patience to simmer a 90 man preseason roster down down to 75, and it takes even more skill to trim it down to 53. Things start to get real at 53 when the “Cousins Casserole” comes out of the oven.

At the 53 man roster a lot of variables kick in, like energy and hard work and experience. It’s when the “blue chip” players from 2015 and 2016 become important and it becomes more crucial to manage the available money expertly to plug the injury holes with the right free agents.

The 31 other teams have chef’s on staff too, their head coaches and general managers. Invariably many take shortcuts and not follow the recipe for success. For my money Scott gets the edge. McCloughan knows what he’s doing, and has the patience to get the job done right.

The serious cooking starts with week one of the 2016 regular season on Monday night. Vegas favors the Pittsburgh Steeler but Vegas has been wrong before. Expect the Steelers to be butt-whipped convincingly in front of our “I LIKE THAT” towel-waving 12th man army. Butt-hurt Steelers fans will have to use their “Terrible Towels” to dry up their tears.

Nobody knows Scott’s final recipe for Super Bowl Stroganoff, but expect a cup or two of Kirk Cousins, a tablespoon of DeJax and Pierre, a pinch of Reed and Davis, 2 level teaspoons of Jones and Marshall, a dash of O-line, and a Doctson & Crowley garnish. If need be McCloughan will stir in some Norman Noodles, Breeland, Cravens, & Hall, and top it off with some “Secret Sackman Sauce”.

Hail, HTTR!

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