This Tuesday Night Be At “Rev T’s Sports Revival” ! !

All loyal, all-weather Washington Redskins fans should listen to Rev T’s Sports Revival on Tuesday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.. He and his exceptional co-hosts discuss all D.C. sports, and especially our Washington Redskins.  Fans can get up to date information and be entertained, revitalized, and encouraged from this broadcast,

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My segment Kirby’s Corner deals with all the current news about our team. Rev T and his Co-host Denise are longtime Washington Redskins fans and have stuck with our team through good times and bad times.  Both are active in the DMV with Redskins functions and doing good in the community.  They and co-host DMV Kell are all excellent analyst and stay informed about our Redskins and other D.C. sports.  I personally have been a Redskins fan since Vince Lombardi was the new head-coach in 1969 and I keep up with our team, coaches, transactions, schedule, games, results. We do not always agree which makes for stimulated conversation and all points of view get discussed.

Don’t be shy, speak your mind. Fire up that computer, turn on the radio show live audio, then jump in when you feel froggy!

  • The studio Call-in Number is 703-763-4929
  • The Live Audio Link will be on this webpage: the amazing Rev T’s Redskins Sports Revival, precisely at 8 pm until 10 pm each and every Tuesday night!
    Rev T says “why “tweet” about it when you can call in and talk about it”.  I recommend this radio show because I know Rev T and his co-host are quality, exceptional, high character fans who love our Washington Redskins, as well as the other D.C. sports teams. They have the program as a service to us, the combined Redskins fans and DC sports fans.  Time after time, they predict a player signing and it comes true.  All of us are Redskins fans, never jump ship. and proud to be part of the 12th Man of our team.  We support our leaders, coaches, and players.

    To us, all Redskins fans are important.  We also know the Redskins have their critics and haters.  Some from our rival division teams, some from the NFL who have their favorites, some from the media, and some who do not like our name or logo or trademark.  On Rev T’s Sports Revival, you are among brothers and sisters of REDSKINS NATION. Our team represents the NATION’s Capital, and all that is good about the U.S.A. and all Americans.  Our bond is football & the Redskins Nation, and Rev T and the rest of us are all on twitter:  @RevTinDC2 @MrsCKirk12  @kellfromsuitlan, and @leonardkirby.  Don’t be a stranger – See you Tuesday night. HAIL HTTR.NFC East Champions 2015 and will be again in 2016.

    Remember, on Tuesday night the place to be is at Rev T’s!

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    Speak now or forever hold your peace!