DeSean Jackson Truly Is a Game Changer


Just what does the phrase mean to you? We hear it often in sports, “So-and-So is a game changer” but quite frankly the label really doesn’t apply to some guys they hang it on.  The Washington Redskins however have a genuine, “for real” bona-fide game changer.  

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Wide receiver DeSean Jackson was injured virtually for the 1st 8 regular season games on 2015,  During those 8 games, our Redskins were 3 and 5 and very few gave the Redskins any respect or believed they would win the NFC East.  When DeSean Jackson returned, our Redskins went 6 wins vs 2 losses.  WHAT?  from 3 and 5 to 6 and 2? Now, I’not a rocket scientist and some would say not smarter than a 5th grader, but even I can see a significant difference – With DeSean Jackson back our Washington Redskins won the NFC East with a 9 and 7 record.

How was having DeSean Jackson playing again helping our team win 6 of 8 games and some of the games were on the road against Philadelphia, Dallas,  and Chicago? There are several reasons, which are his speed, route running, elite moves, instinctively ball location skills, physical toughness. Every defense have to game-plan for DeSean Jackson on the field.  He literally takes the “top off the defense”.  He demands double coverage. No one defensive player can cover DeSean Jackson “one on one”. Labeled “shut-down corners” get burned by DeSean Jackson.

That means other receivers received single coverage or were open for quarterback Kirk Cousins.  Kirk’s last 8 game statistics were the best in the NFL. In the last eight games Kirk Cousins completed 73 percent of his passes for over 2,200 yards, 16 touchdowns and three interceptions. DeSean Jackson is part of the reason for our starting quarterback’s eye-popping performance the last 8 games of the regular season.

Yes, DeSean Jackson is a “game changer” in every sense of the word.  I believe our 2016 offense can be a TOP 4 offense in 2016 because of the development of quarterback Kirk Cousins, DeSean Jackson the deep threat, Pierre Garcon-clutch receiver, tight-ends Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis, and Niles Paul, and an improved running-game aided by a more physical run-blocking O-line. It’s a team sport and no one player can win by himself, but having DeSean Jackson definitely makes a big difference.  The defenses cannot load the box to stop the run if DeSean is on the field, along with Pierre Garcon and Jamison Crowder.

Just another reason our 2016 Washington Redskins will defend our NFC East Division Title and be in the playoffs again. General Manager Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen gets the right football players through free agency and the NFL Draft and our coaches will get them ready and themselves ready. Also, last but not least, I believe we will have a top ranked defense also. I expect our pass-rush to be like a jailbreak and get many sacks and pressure the opposing quarterbacks into mistakes and hurries.  I know our defensive backs can cover any receivers in the NFL.  We will be the KINGS of TWENTY SIXTEEN.

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